Our daily weekday Schedule

When I’m not working here is a little schedule of how our day goes…

(I’m not including my nursing times because its sporadic) & once RJ starts pre-school in T-minus 10 days I will make a new schedule.


10am: Both boys are up

10:05: RJ goes potty and brush teeth

10:10: Boys go to playroom while I make breakfast

10:15: I eat a bowl of cereal (in peace) while the boys are playing, and RJ’s oatmeal is cooling

10:25: after I’ve scrolled through every social media feed, and enjoyed my cereal I make Elias’s baby food (usually some fruit+baby oatmeal)

10:30: Boys eat breakfast

11:00: get dressed in non-pajama clothes/ playtime (I get house work done)

11:30: Elias takes his morning nap (45 mins)/ RJ has learning time                                       *I break it up two times a day because he has a very small attention span

12:15: Outside time (park, long walk around the neighborhood or playing in the backyard)

1:45: Wash up (Hands and face)/I prep lunch for the boys

1:50: Lunch

2:15: in bed for nap time                                                                                                                       *this nap is so crucial, because its Elias’s last nap until bedtime, so it cant be too short (cranky and tired baby too early on in the night)

4:15: Renaldo is home, so I may or may not wake up from my nap to spend time with him

5:00: and yes I said 5 ! both boys sleep until 5pm. every now and then RJ wakes up around 4:30, but he’ll lay in bed until Elias wakes up, or he’ll play quietly.

5:15: learning time with RJ (30 minutes-45 minutes)

And the rest is kind of go with the flow. because sometimes we go out, sometimes we watch a movie, sometimes we have company over but for the most part the day part of the schedule is pretty consistent.






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