Bath time made easy

Bath time with three kids can be crazy! When we just had one kid, bath time was fun and we actually looked forward to it every night. But with the more kids we have, the more time it takes. No lie, it takes up an hour of our evening! So anything to make our bath time routine simples, is golden!

Here are a few products I swear by that make bath time easy:

Baby Dam: Okay, do you love saving water? Do you love saving time? This baby dam is for you! I first saw this product on Facebook (link here )and their video went viral. It was all over the mommy Facebook groups, YouTube, Instagram! Everywhere! So I partnered with their company to try or their Baby dam to know if it’s REALLY that’s great! And guess what? It is!

We started using the Baby dam a little over a month ago, and we’ve had no issues at all. We love how much water we save! When you’re filling a tub for a baby, you use about 15 gallons, and using the Baby dam, you’d literally only use a 4th (or less) of that! And if you’re someone who gives bath multiple times a day or every day, this could save you so much.

Also the time that’s spent filling your tub (halfway) can be 5-10 minutes. I literally only spend 1 minute getting the right level of water. Talk about time saver. The baby dam also has a plug in it, so you can unplug it, and if the water gets too high, it’ll overflow into the other side of the tub, so your baby is safe (you’d never leave your baby unattended, but just so the water is at a safe level).

What I also love, is that I can get in the tub with my babies, and not get wet. I’m more on his level, and I’m not breaking my back! If I were you, I’d definitely check this tub out!

Babo Botanicals shampoo and Conditioner: I love this stuff! It smells so good, and it’s great for their sensitive skin. We’ve been using it consistently for the past 2 months and they’ve had no negative reactions. Joel also has very dry hair, and when we use a pea size amount of conditioner it makes his hair silky soft.

Bath Caddy: (pictured above)

A handy bath caddy to hold all your baby’s toys, and shampoo/conditioner bottles is a must! What I love about this one, it drains the water out of your kid’s toys so you don’t have to worry about mildew. And what’s great about it, you can slide it anywhere in the tub, so all your little ones toys are within arms reach and they can grab what they want as they please.

Another plus, it’s super cheap! I snagged this one from Target for $12! Shop here!

Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers: We love this for all our boys because even during bath time it’s learning time! They stick to the side of the tub like a magnet, but it’s not a magnet. Once they get wet they are able to stick to the surface of tubs.

Bath Towel and Bath Mitt:I first started working with Moss and Marsh in Marsh back in March, and I genuinely LOVE their products! I did a review on their bath mitt here! Moss and Marsh makes THE best bath products. The towel is so thick! When I first wrapped Joel in it, I could not believe the quality! Well I could believe it, because it’s from Moss and Marsh, Candace (the owner) only makes the best! Along with the bath towel, it comes with a mini wash cloth, which is an added bonus.

After Bath Cream: we LOVE Tubby Todd’s All Over Ointment! My older son and younger son suffer from Eczema and we are really particular with the creams and lotions we use. We also have a really hard time finding a cream that works well with gaining control over his eczema, but with Tubby Todd’s All over ointment it helps tremendously. I can lather him up at 8am before school, and when I pick him up at 1, his legs are STILL moisturized. The only other cream that can do that is Vaseline, and that blocks pores!

Baby Dam was provided by Baby Dam in exchange for an HONEST review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Babo Botanicals provided bath set, in exchange for an honest review. But again, all opinions are 100% my own.

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