Best Drink Cups for Active Toddlers

Who has active toddlers? Who has active toddlers that love water?! If you answered yes to any of those two questions, you will understand why I am obsessed with these Drink cups from Nuby. They are PERFECT for active toddlers.

Joel is obsessed with throwing things, and then screaming for it when he wants it again! So the Nuby Keepeez Cup strap is perfect for when we are on the go. Whenever we go to Disney World, this is literally the first thing I pack! Also it’s great for when we are at home, and he throws his sippy cup from the high chair.

We simply secure the strap to his sippy cup, and then secure the strap to either the stroller, or side of the highchair. What’s great is  that it keeps germs off of his cup and whenever he decides he wants his cup back, he can just pull it back up.

The sippy cup that he’s drinking from is his absolute favorite. He’s able to drink from any angle because of the innovative flexible weighted straw. It moves to the liquid whenever the cup is tilted, allowing your child to sip to the last drop. It’s super durable, and we know that because the few times he threw the cup and we didn’t have it attached to the strap it took a hard beating to the ground and never broke, or busted open! Its recommended for 6 months and older, so it’s the perfect beginner cup for your little babe.

These Next two cups are my absolute favorites for my older two…

The Big one is for my oldest, and the little one is for Elias (my middle child). We had to get Elias a cup just like RJ’s, because if not, we’d never hear the end of their argument.  My older ones don’t need straps like my youngest to keep the cups off the ground and free of germs. But what’s great about these cups is the nozzle to the cup is always covered when not in use. My boys are really good about keeping it shut! Whenever they get thirsty, they just push the little button and the nozzle just flips up! The handle on it is perfect for when they are running around but don’t want to put their cup down. Each cup holds 12 oz and is BPA free!

This post was sponsored by Nuby | But as ALWAYS all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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    • Nuby knows exactly what they’re doing, and do a great job at it! All their products, especially the sippy cup are amazing!

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