Just Because Photoshoot

If you know me, you know how much I love getting family photos done. The boys are only little once, and I want to capture all their moments. Including fun family photos of us dressed up in the middle of nowhere.

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Trent, who is  the owner of Joe and The Bear Photography. I work with his fiance, and I absolutely love all her photos with her son (Trent took em’). So after seeing his work, and stalking his instagram for like ever, I decided to book a shoot with him. From the get he was really enthusiastic about it all! He had so many ideas of his own which I loved. Renaldo and I naturally take charge when we do photoshoots, we know what we want and we know how to do it. But with Trent, we just let him take charge…but it was totally easily to let go, because he’s so passionate about his work.

We arrived to “the middle of nowhere” Saturday evening about an hour or so before sunset, and instantly Trent introduced himself, started talking with my boys, which made us really feel comfortable working with him. He built a relationship with us quickly, so he gained our trust. All throughout the shoot, he’d show us little sneak peeks behind the camera, which got us even more pumped to continue walking through a cow poop filled field and working the camera haha. But seriously he was great.I’m going to share all the pictures to let his work do all the talking


Aseky’s Outfit Details:
Renaldo’s Outfit
  • Dress Pants from Banana Republic
  • Dress shirt from H&M
  • Suspenders from H&M
  • Dress shoes from ALDO
  • Belt from Ralph Lauren
The Boys’ Outfit
  • Pants are from Target
  • Polos are from GAP


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