Boston in 6 days

Many of you all know, my husband and I spent 6 days in Boston Massachusetts in early November. He was there for business, I (myself and the kids) were there for pleasure. The boys have never left the state, so this was the perfect opportunity to take them exploring. Since my husband would be working about 3.5 out of those 6 days, I came up with an entire itinerary for things to keep us busy during the day, instead of staying in a hotel room.

So here is a Day by day guide on everything we did with pictures (the pictures are unedited by the way)

Monday November 6th:

We flew into Boston at around 10am. Right after we landed we took the airport shuttle over to the rental car station and picked up our SUV. Originally we were suppose to have a Hyundai Santa Fe, but Enterprise felt sorry for us because we have like 30 kids (3 but it’s the same thing) and they upgraded us for FREE to a Chevy Suburban. That thing is a dang bus! I don’t recommend it for navigating through the city and in tight parking garages. Other than that, GREAT car, I want one!

After getting our car, we headed straight for the hotel- Embassy Suites Waltham. Upon arrival, my blogger car courtesy of Mazda USA awaited me. To read the full review of the Mazda CX-9 click here. Right when we made it into our hotel room, my husband changed into his suit, and headed straight into the office. Thankfully we booked a hotel 5 minutes away from his office so the drive wasn’t bad at all. While he was gone, I put all our clothes on hangers and in the drawers. The boys took a little nap, and I got to touch up my hair and get about 10 minutes of shut eye.

After they woke up, we went exploring around the hotel. Found the pool, the gym (like I was REALLY going to work out Hahahah), and walked around the parking lot to get some fresh cool air before the 20 degree temps hit Boston. (It was in the 60s when we arrived).

Once Renaldo got back from work, we went to visit his good friend who lives in the city. We ate dinner over at his house, and afterwards just drove through the city to see everything! We headed back to the hotel and we all passed out.

Tuesday November 7, 2017:

That morning we all woke up at 6 am (ewww, time change had all the boys’ internal clocks all messed up). The weather had dropped to the 30s! We went down to the dining hall to eat our free breakfast (Embassy Suites has free hot breakfast with cooked to order omelets!!). We ate with my husband before he headed off to work. While my husband was getting dressed, I had to figure out what we were going to do for the day, because sitting in a hotel room watching TV was not an option. I ended up buying the Boston City Pass for RJ and myself (Joel and Elias who are both 2 and under are free). With the city pass it gives you admission to The New England Aquarium, The Museum of Science, The skywalk Observatory at the Prudential Center and The Harvard Museum of Natural History or The Boston Harbor Cruise. It came out to $110 for RJ and I! And tickets to the Aquarium and Science Museum would end up costing $100 so it was definitely worth buying the city pass.

So we put out pass to good use, and went to the Aquarium. It was about a 25 minute drive with traffic. We parked at the parking garage right by the Aquarium and it cost $39. I’m still sick to my stomach for paying that much. But apparently they have an early bird special, if you arrive before 8am you pay only $19 or $24 (I don’t remember). But who’s waking up THAT early to park their car…NOT ME!

Here are some pics of us at the Aquarium

Afterwards, I drove to Burger King (mom of the year right here) and got them lunch. We went back to the hotel and ate our lunch and just watched TV until Renaldo made it back. Once Renaldo made it, we went to Dinner at Cooper House Tavern. I tried New England Clam Chowder for the first time, and let me just say this, I’m not a fan. As much as I want to move to Boston, I don’t think I could EVER enjoy that, but Joel sure did!

Wednesday November 8, 2017:

Woke up at 6am AGAIN, and joined Renaldo for breakfast downstairs! While eating breakfast I let RJ decide which attraction we should visit today. He wanted to go to the Museum of Science! I secretly wanted to go there, so I’m glad he chose that! Once we kissed daddy goodbye, we loaded and bundled up for our drive into the city again. I was really excited when we made it to the parking garage for the Museum of a Science because it only cost $16 for like 4 hours ??

I can go on for hours about how much we love the Museum, but I’ll save your eyes from reading that much. Let’s just say, when we go back to Boston, this is something we’re hands down doing again. The kids had SO much fun and I really enjoyed everything there. I FaceTimed my husband and he was super jealous (clearly we love Science Centers).

Here are some pics

Afterwards I took them back to Waltham and we had dinner at Chipotle. I know I know, I’m in Boston, so many amazing hole in the wall places to eat at, but give me a break! I’m by myself with three boys, in a city I don’t know and parking already sucks in the city…I just played it safe and went somewhere more suburban with normal parking lots, and with food I KNOW the boys will eat and enjoy.

When we made it to Chipotle, a very kind lady and her daughter helped me with the kids. She got the high chair, wiped it down, brought my food to me, got the kids utensils! Seriously, she was so sweet and such a help. That day we didn’t eat dinner with Renaldo because he ate dinner with his team!

When Renaldo finally made it back to the hotel at like 8 at night, we loaded the kids up in the car and drove through Harvard University and into the city to look at the lights. Boston seriously is such a beautiful place!

Thursday November 9, 2017: My husband didn’t have to work, but he was going to be doing a private food tour with his team through the North End. Instead of them Ubering into the city, we all got into the suburban and I dropped them off. While they (my husband and his team) were doing the food tour, I took the boys to Billerica, Massachusetts to a trampoline park called Altitude. I let them get all their energy out for like 2 straight hours. The drive there was beautiful and I really got to appreciate the nature. The leaves are all orange and red, and some trees are starting to go bare, it’s just stunning!

Afterwards, we drove back into Boston to pick my husband up and 2 of his co-workers. My husband surprised me with a cannoli. Believe it or not, it was my first time having cannoli and I’m in love. We hung around in the hotel room for awhile and embarked on our next journey….

We drove back into the city again to go to the prudential center! We ate at a bar/grill called Whiskeys and I had THE most amazing Mac and cheese BBQ Brisket sandwich ever. After we ate we walked around the area, and turned our Floridian butts right back around! It was freezing. I think that night it was in the low 20s.

Friday November 10, 2017:

This was the first day I had Renaldo 100% to myself, so we loaded our day with activities. After eating our breakfast, we all bundled up and loaded the car up for a day trip to the Cape. Apparently no one goes to the cape during these months, it’s only for summer time. Well, we wanted to see the famous Cape Cod Chips factory. We embarked on the hour and a half commute there and did a tour of the factory. We actually got to see how the chips are made!

The first ever bag of Cape Cod potato chips

After our chip tour, we went around the corner to Cape Cod Beer. My husband and I sampled some of the finest craft beer straight from the tap!

Then once we were done, we made the 2 hour drive back to Boston so we could go back to the Prudential Center so we could do the Skywalk Observatory. Basically you’re on the 52nd floor of the prudential center, and you get a 360 degree view of the city. It’s seriously so magical. If you’re looking to pop the question, DO IT HERE!

RJ took these pictures lol

Afterwards we went with Dinner at the hotel! We decided on dinner at the hotel because we had a ton of packing to do for our flight the next day, and we didn’t want to be out late.

This trip to Boston was AMAZING! I’m so thankful that my husband got this job and plenty more trips to Boston are in the future. We’re already planning our next trip in the next couple months to catch the snow with the kids. This time I’ll probably bring my mom, so I have someone to talk to (aside from my kids) during the day while my husband works! Plus we’ll be able to squeeze in a husband and wife night out in the city because we’ll have a **trusted** baby sitter!


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