It’s okay to be lazy

It’s okay to be lazy, have a lazy day, have a do nothing day, lay around and have nothing to show for yourself day, or a lazy week!

For the past week I’ve been “pretty out of it”. After the holidays came and flew right past my eyes, the craziness and go-go-go of the holidays left my life as well. And when it left, it took all my energy with it. My 2 Christmas trees are still up, my dining room still screams Christmas dinner, my Elf on the Shelf, is still assuming position, and my advent calendar is still hanging proud.

(⬆️Actually footage of my Christmas Tree from 1/4 at 10:20am)

Seeing so many Instagram moms who have their house already back to the polished, Instagram picture worthy look didn’t phase me one bit. There wasn’t an ounce of envy in me! The countless instagram polls I’ve tapped “Yes” to, asking “do you still have Christmas decor up” is actually something I’m taking pride in hahah.

Right now, and for the last week since the end of the holiday season I’ve had zero energy to do my regular everyday things. Of course the regular dishwasher loading, kid bathing, dinner prepping has been done. But ask me if I’ve done my normal target trips, taken pictures for my blog or even thought about a fun trip to Disney. NOPE! I haven’t even left the house since January 1st. Normally I have FOMO (fear of missing out) and I try to put my hand in every single pot. But this week I took a vacation from life, and enjoyed every second of it! My husband comes home from work to a relaxed, and not stressed out wife. The kids are happy because I was fully present and not worrying about their dang legos. We’ve had nerf gun fights and chased each other around the house instead of me burying myself in a massive amount of work. The kids have been home on winter break since December 18th and finally go back in less than a week, (thank goodness because although I love them, I need them back in school ASAP haha) and I’m sure before then the Christmas stuff will be put away, their backpacks will be packed, and I won’t solely rely on coffee to give me energy.

So if you’re struggling to get house work done, or put away the Christmas decor, or mop the floors, it’s okay. It’s good to have a lazy day or week! As mamas we are always trying to do it all, and don’t give ourselves a break. We will literally work ourselves to death. So reheat your coffee (#momlife), put your feet up, watch those shows you’ve been meaning to watch on your DVR, or dive into a good book but most of all enjoy yourself!

And don’t let anyone nor yourself give you any slack for it! You deserve it Mama!

and yes that’s a corn popper on my couch and I ain’t even mad ??‍♀️

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