Elias Rey is 4 months !

My sweet little chunker is 4 months. in this past month you have really become what I like to call “an easy baby”. You are sleeping so well now. You go to bed around 10pm and wake up at 3/4am, nurse and go right back […]

Elias Rey is 3 Months

My happy baby, you are 3 months old. In this month you went to Disney World for the first time, You gained another pound or so, you haven’t had ANY doctor’s appointments nor have you gotten sick even though Your daddy, your big brother AND […]

Elias Rey is 2 months !

My sweet little boy, you are two months old and such a happy baby. In this month you have had an ultrasound done on your tummy to figure out what’s causing your reflux. But also within this month you have gotten much better, still spitting […]

Elias Rey is 1 month

      Happy one month Elias Rey !! In this one month you haven drained more energy out of me than my two years of working nights at the hospital ! I have forgotten what it feels like to sleep for more than 4 […]

Elias Rey’s birth story

Elias Rey’s birth story

Monday June 15th: I went to my doctors appointment for a regular ole check up, my cervix was 2cm dilated and 70%effaced, his head was so low the doctor had to go around his head to reach the opening of my cervix, and while my […]