Elias Rey’s birth story

Monday June 15th: I went to my doctors appointment for a regular ole check up, my cervix was 2cm dilated and 70%effaced, his head was so low the doctor had to go around his head to reach the opening of my cervix, and while my doctor’s nurse was checking the heartbeat of our little guy she noticed it was much higher than it normally has been (his heart rate was the mid to high 170s) so they did a NST (non stress test) in the office and also did an ultrasound to check his heart on the big screen, still nothing changed. So my doctor wanted me to go straight to the hospital for an outpatient non stress test and another ultrasound to check on him.  I called my husband right away to come meet me at the hospital  because 1. I was going to the hospital !!! 2. I had RJ(my first born) with me, and in no way I would be able to entertain his hyper butt for a three hour long test.


(the ultrasound we had in the office before the hospital ⬆️)

Once we got to the hospital I was greeted by all my old co-workers (I worked in patient business down in triage) and I was taken back to a room immediately where I was hooked up on the monitors. Once my hubby made it to the hospital we had an ultrasound done And his heart rate hadn’t settled at all, it only got higher. Everyone kept asking me “did you have caffeine this morning? ” and my response was “Noooooo, I haven’t had coffee nor any caffeinated drink for the past 9 months” eventually after 3 hours my nurse came in and told me I would be admitted to antepartum for 24 hour monitoring, and if nothing changed I would be induced. So instantly I went into nest mode, I made a list of EVERYTHING I needed from home.


Anyways once I got to my room my hubby left and took our son to my moms house to stay the night and I got all checked in and began ordering food, I see it as if I’m going to be here for 24 hours paying a $150 copay per day…I’m going to get my money’s worth lol. Anyways fast forwarding to important stuff, the baby’s heart rate dropped and was healthy and steady for most of the night except once when I had to get oxygen and IV fluids because it went up again but other than that it was steady.

Tuesday June 16th: At 7am they were getting ready to discharge me and BAM his heart rate dropped really low (it’s usually high) so this was a huge red flag for them and my doctor made the choice to keep me and induce me that day. They started me out with a cervadil at 10:55am which is this weird looking thing that they stick in your cervix for 12 hours to ripen it more, and it causes cramping and mild contractions, and once i’m ripened/dilated enough I would be admitted to L&D (labor and delivery) for Pitocin to really get things going. So all throughout the day I had mild contractions all while eating tons of food (because once I got to L&D I can’t eat anymore lol) and walking around

(In my room bouncing on the ball ⬆️ outside on my floor’s patio/balcony wearing my pretty pushers hospital gown…I delivered Him in it too !!!⬇️)

and around 11pm they took out the cervadil and checked me again and I was 3cm and 70% effaced, to them that was enough to take me to Labor and delivery !!!! We packed up our room and waited for labor and delivery to get our room ready. We seriously waited 3 hours because they were so busy, but eventually my doctor expedited the process and got us in !

Wednesday June 17th: around 1:50am we got to our room and situated. We met with an anesthesiologist and discussed our pain medication options (which at the time I was all like “I’ve done this all natural before, thanks but no thanks” LOL) but I still signed all the necessary paperwork in case of an emergency c-section. Once they got the Pitocin going, I started getting heavy contractions probably within the hour. I walked most of them through, squeezed my husband’s hand, did my hair in between them, and even cried. Remember when you’re getting induced versus naturally going into labor you’re going from zero to one hundred (real quick LOL) versus getting them for a few days and getting use to them and gradually working your way up to the heavy ones. With Pitocin there is no middle. So from 2am to about 6:30am I dealt with the pain hoping the end was coming. At 6:30am I sent my husband to tell my nurse I wanted IV pain medication, and when he came back I had just finished another contraction and I begged for him to go back and tell her I wanted an epidural instead. My nurse checked me again while we waited for The anesthesiologist to come and I was ONLY 4 cm, I was so discouraged and thought for sure I was going to have a c-section since I wasn’t progressing fast enough. The anesthesiologist came within 5 minutes (but at the time, it was 5 minutes too long lol) and he talked me through it all and once he was done the pain dwindled away…except on my left side. At this point shift change already happened and I had a new nurse and she checked me before inserting my catheter to pee, when she checked me I had dilated to 7cm within 20 minutes. She said in my case the epidural helped me loosen up (I would tense up with every contraction) and helped me dilate !! She called the anesthesiologist again because I was still feeling pain (if I’m going to get the epidural I don’t want to feel a single thing from my belly down lol) once she came in and adjusted the catheter in my back and administered a stronger dose I felt no pain, and within 10 minutes I said I feel pressure…like something is comin out of me…when they lifted the bed sheet my water sack was bulging out and leaking. Right after it busted I started pushing. The nurse midwife (my doctor was not on call to deliver my baby, but she knew how much I loved having a midwife with my previous pregnancy) got me a mirror so I could watch my little man come into this world, And with two contractions (3 minutes) Elias Rey joined our family at 8:42 am weighing 6.08 oz and 18.5 inches long. They called a NICU team in to check his heart out being that he had tachycardia and when they saw him they couldn’t believe I had him vaginaly because his head was so perfect lol






 this time around I didn’t tear (thank god because recovering from that is NO FUN) And I was up and walking NORMAL as soon as my epidural wore off (about 2.5 hours). He latched on to my boob about 30 minutes after birth and was soooo alert for at least two hours !!

Getting an epidural was the best choice I could have made this time around. It got my little man here faster and safer. He didn’t go through nearly as much stress as he would of if I would have kept tensing up through very contraction.

overall I had a GREAT delivery and even better recovery. All my postpartum nurses couldn’t believe I was walking the way I was walking and sitting criss cross apple sauce in my bed lol. Only thing that was different this time around was while I was breastfeeding I was getting BAD contractions still, my midwife said it gets worse with the more children you have.

the day I went into labor I weighed 143 pounds (gained a total of 25 pounds) and within 5 days of his birth I had already lost 14 pounds and now I’m 5 pounds away from my pre pregnancy weight. In no way am I trying to diet, because right now breastfeeding and nourishing my baby is all that matters. If you want to make milk you gotta EAT !! On average you burn 500 calories breastfeeding, therefore you got to eat an additional 500 calories. And eating an additional 500 calories is super easy for me because while I’m breastfeeding I watch the travel/food/cooking channel and SWEAR I could be on “man vs food” (breastfeeding makes you HUNGRY) 

Hope you enjoyed my LONG birth story and I just hope this goes to show…nothing goes as planned. I planned on going into natural labor, with No epidural and with my eyebrows  freshly waxed, and instead I was induced, had an epidural and ugly eyebrows lol. So my advice to you is make sure everything is done and ready once 36 weeks comes because from that point on….you never know ! 

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