Cheap things to do in Orlando with Kids

If you know my husband and I, you know how much we love to be out and doing things with the kids. We are rarely home on the weekends, but it’s alright because we are pretty low-key on the weekdays. But Saturday and Sunday, we are out and about. Having three kids, it gets pretty costly to do things with all of us. We are still pretty lucky 2 out of 3 of our kids are still free for most things. But we still love to attend free events, and do things that don’t cost us a lot of money. When most people think of Orlando, they automatically think of Disney World, although we love being passholders, we don’t go all the time. We like to take advantage of the free and super cheap things Orlando has to offer for families.

Now that spring break has started, and summer break isn’t too far away, I’ve put together a list of free, or cheap things to do in Orlando Florida, from the perspective of a Orlando Native, and mom of three boys.

Free things to do in Orlando:

  1. Splash Pads: My boys love splash pads, and I love how they are on my wallet. Most splash pads in Orlando are free if you’re a resident of the city it’s located in. But if you are not a resident, its still VERY cheap and affordable to go (and I mean like $3 cheap lol). Click HERE to find your nearest splash pads!
    Photo courtesy of City Of Lake Mary
  2. State Parks: Florida is FILLED with state parks, which is AWESOME. Growing up, some of my favorite memories are from going to the springs and spending the day there with my family. Whether we went canoeing (small fee) or just swam in the springs. Here are some of my favorite state parks located in Central Florida
  3. Beach: I ABSOLUTELY love the beach. Prior to kids it was one of the most relaxing places, now it’s more stressful lol, but we still love going. What I love about it, its free (aside from parking fees depending on where you park). Here are some of my favorite beaches.
    • Daytona (east coast of FL)
    • Cocoa (east coast of FL)
    • St. Augustine (east coast of FL)
    • Clearwater (west coast of FL)
    • Madeira Beach (west coast of FL)
      Photo courtest of VisitStaugustine
  4. Disney Springs: This is the free version of Disney World. It’s fun to go to both day and night. There is truly something for everybody here. Whenever we go here, we literally spend $0 and 0 cents. Only thing we pay for is gas driving out here. But we take the kids to the T-Rex café to dig up dino bones. Then to the lego store, where they can play with legos and build race cars for free. Next we head over to the “Toy Story Store” and let them play with Mr. Potato head, followed by a super fun dance party. The night is usually ended with one kid crying because they don’t want to leave. But seriously, it’s a great time every time we go.
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  5. Visit Museums: There are plenty of museums in the area that are absolutely free! Click here for a full list!
  6. Library: This is actually something I haven’t done with the all  boys yet, because HELLO,THREE BOYS in a library (imagine screaming, running and everything not quiet). But Back to the simple days of one and two kids, they loved attending story time. Best part, it’s free.
  7. Home Depot Kid’s Workshops: My husband and I have been renovating our home for the past year and a half, so we practically live in Home Depot (I’m not kidding, the employees know us, they know our kids, and basically know what our house looks like because everything was purchased from there haha). But everytime while my husband is loading the kids in the race car shopping carts, I notice on their bulletin board the Saturday Morning Kid’s workshops they offer. Thye get to build cute things like, bird feeders and mail boxes for the wonderful price of FREE DOLLARS. CLICK HERE to learn more about their workshops. Also home depot isn’t the only place that offer workshops, Learning Shore learning center does too!
  8. Mall Playgrounds: If you’re reading this, you’re reading this with the comfort of AC. Am I right? Well summer time in Florida gets nasty and Hot and you can only tolerate a park bench for so long before you display symptoms of a heat stroke. Well, whoever invented Mall Playground, deserves a hug from all us Florida Moms. I love to take the boys to the not so busy malls (Oviedo Mall) and let them play for 1+ hour, and then get a bite to eat from the food court. If I really want to stick with the free thing, I pack a lunch.
  9. Outdoor Movie events: These are always so much fun. Grab some blankets, pack some yummy movie snacks in your picnic basket and enjoy a free movie at the park. Click HERE to find some free movie events!
  10. Ride the Sunrail: Kid’s love trains. End of Story. You have to pay for the adult, but kids ride free.

Not so free, but definitely worth it:

  1. Arcadia Kid’s Museum: The boys had an amazing opportunity to play and experience this museum before it was open and they had a BLAST!
  2. Central Florida Zoo: This zoo never gets old. RJ is in love with Animals, so Zoo trips are a must for us.
  3. Trampoline Parks: Best way to tire them out, for a solid nap when they get home
  4. Green Meadows Farm: they’re on Groupon a lot for cheap. But even at full price, the things green meadows offers is 100% worth it!
  5. Orlando Science Center: We can spend all day here!
  6. Amaya Papaya Indoor Playground: We celebrated RJ’s 2nd birthday party here. Plus the owner is really cool!
  7. Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour: Kid’s love this because it’s a boat, I love it because I like looking at Rich people houses.
  8. Sea Life Aquarium: This is located at the Orlando eye. It’s not a HUGE aquarium, but it’s definitely worth the trip, especially if your little ones love sea life.
  9. Monkey Joes: This germ infested place gives me anxiety, but the look on my kids’ faces when I say ” We’re going to Monkey Joes” is priceless.
  10. The Crayola Experience: We normally only go when it’s for a field trip because we get it for a super discounted rate. But if we were to go and pay for regular admission, I’d just buy the annual pass because it’s only $7 more than the regular admission and you can come back all year long! But this somewhere you want to bring the kids. Their creativity and probably yours will blossom!

So hopefully I was able to give you some idea on what to do this spring break or this summer with your kiddos. Living in Central Florida, there is just so much to see and do, you just gotta get out there and do it! Hope you and the kiddos have fun, and make the most of your spring or summer break.

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