How to be an Early Riser

It’s no secret that I’M NOT A MORNING person. I can stay up all night, cleaning, getting work done. But don’t ask me to wake up before my kids to do anything. What’s hard about being a night owl, is my husband is an early bird, not a night owl. So we compromise for each other. He stays up a little later than normal so we can have one on one time. And I wake up a little earlier to enjoy the peace and quiet with him before the chaos (my kids) begins. It definitely wasn’t very easy for me, but here are some tips on how to become an early riser when you’re NOT!

Tips for waking up early:

  1. Go to bed earlier than normal: If you’re going to bed at 2am, of course you can’t wake up at 6 or 7am. I’ve made myself go to sleep earlier, like 11pm (the latest) so I can wake up before 8am. At first, I had to make myself go to sleep, but you’ll quickly be able to fall asleep earlier, with a new and earlier wake time. You’ll be much more tired in the evening.
  2. Turn the fan off in the AM: This works for me, because I CANNOT get out of bed if my room is an icebox. Like I physically can’t. So in the morning when my husband wakes up, I ask him to turn off the fan. Once my room has warmed up a bit, then I’ll drag myself out of bed.
  3. Get your body moving immediately: Don’t press snooze 6 times (guilty). Once you get your body moving, it begins to wake up your mind. So get out of your room, don’t lay in bed checking Instagram, because believe me, it makes it 10x harder to get out of bed.
  4. Open the curtains: Allow natural light into your house. A dark house, will just make you sleepy, and groggy. One of the first things I do when I get out of bed is open up my bedroom windows. And on my way to the kitchen, I open up all the other windows in the house.
  5. Have something to look forward to: Whether it’s a recorded show that’s not G rated, the next chapter in your romance novel (do people even read those anymore?), or a nice cup of coffee. To keep my mornings fresh and new, I change up my coffee creamers. Once we run out of one, We change to a different flavor. I’ll literally go to bed excited about my morning cup of coffee. So before I proceed…let me ask you this. Do you like cheesecake? Do you like strawberries? If you answered yes to my questions, you’ll want to try this yummy Nestle Coffee-Mate Strawberry Cheesecake! Read more about it below.

So those were 5 tips for waking up early! I’m still not 100% a morning person, because kids are freaking exhausting. But with these 5 steps that I’ve adopted into my morning routine, I’m able to wake up before 8am without being the most miserable person alive.

More information about Nestle Coffee-Mate Strawberry Cheesecake Coffee creamer.

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