Christmas at the Bonnaire House

Christmas time is my FAVORITE time of year. I mean, the second the clock hits 12:00 am on November 1st, I’m decking the halls! I make my husband climb into the attic and bring down the FIVE BINS of Christmas decor I’ve been accumulating since we first moved in together. I like to decorate the entire house, from the front door (including house lights) to the kids’ room. The kids’ love it, and as funny as it is to say, my husband does too. He LIVES for Christmas time. He’s all about dropping cash at Hobby Lobby for Christmas decor. If I tell him we need 1 more box of ornaments, he’s like “no, we need 3 more boxes”.

So decorating for Christmas is a lot of fun over at our house. Also come Christmas time, I like to switch up the throw blankets and the rugs throughout the house to give our home a little seasonal update. As you know, we are big fans of Lorena Canals rugs. We love them because they are machine washable, so that makes me feel 100% better about the kids playing on them. If they accidentally spill apple cider (who am I Kidding, they’re drinking Capri Sun. But apple cider sounded nice lol ) on it, I know I can easily throw it in the wash. And to match our rug, we got the coordinating throw blanket. Again, same great quality! You can tell all their products are made with love.

Anyways, let’s start the home tour: 

Living room/Dining Room

We went very Christmassy Traditional in this part of our home, lots of red and plaid!

All the decor here was purchased from IKEA, Walmart, Home Centric, Target and Hobby Lobby.

The Boys decorated this tree, with my help of course

Family Room/Kitchen

We decided to go with a White, Champagne and Gold theme in this area of our home!

All the decor here was purchased from Hobby Lobby

Thank you to Lorena Canals for gifting us this rug and throw blanket so we could update our family room for the season.

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