Laila’s 2 month update

Can you believe Laila girl is TWO MONTHS OLD? She is such sweet and sassy little girl. In just these 2 months of life, she has developed such a little personality. Also she’s already been to Disney World two times, and I’m sure she’ll go about 20 more times before she turns 1. She loves looking at Daddy, and cooing with mommy (girl talk).

Age: 2 months

Weight: 12lbs even (she’s gained 6lbs since being discharged from the hospital and is almost DOUBLE her birth weight)

Length: 22.5 inches

Size diaper: Size 2

Size clothes: Size 3-6 months

Sleep: She still is sleeping really well. She wakes up about 1-2 times a night, I’m not really sure what time because I’m half asleep when I nurse her. But I don’t now need to rock her to sleep, she always puts herself back to sleep. And she naps most of her day away, but stays awake for 1 hour increments.

Breastfeeding schedule?: She is still exclusively breastfeeding about every 2-3 hours and refuses the bottle. She literally gags when I try to give it to her! Thankfully she’s just with me 24/7 so I don’t mind, but eventually I’d like for her to take a bottle so my husband and I can go on dates.

Milestones: She smiles, coos a ton, and has pretty good neck control.

What she loves: She loves being worn on her baby carrier, she also loves baths and loves getting her hair combed.

What she hates: She hates when the car stops moving. She hates pacifiers and bottles. And she also hates being touched on her face.

Favorites for this month: We’re still Baby Bling obsessed over here. And we also love our tuck and bundle wrap.

I never want to forget her little leg rolls
I never want to forget how much hair she had!

Laila’s outfit details:

“two” onesie is from Swanky Shank 

Bow is from Baby Bling 

Bracelets are from Poppy Lane & Co.

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