Creating the ultimate breastfeeding station

If you are breastfeeding or plan on it, I highly recommend having a breastfeeding station. Somewhere you can go to, to comfortably nurse your baby. Somewhere that’s tranquil(super important if you have a zillion kids like me). With my previous kiddos, it was really hard to nurse them with the other kids present! They would either startle the baby, try to climb all over me and accidentally hit the baby, or just ask me for a million and one things when I literally can’t get up for the next 20 or so minutes. So to fix this dilemma, I’ve decided to have a little nursing nook or breastfeeding station that I can sneak away to when needed. We also plan on having a bin that’s filled with activities that’s exclusively for them while I breastfeed to keep them occupied.

So when creating my breastfeeding station, I decided on keeping it in her room. The boys generally don’t go in there, and to be honest they have no reason to. There are no toys and nothing to grab their attention. And because I know I’m not only going to be breastfeeding in that room, I’d also be nursing her in my bedroom, I made sure that my station is portable.

So here is everything you need to create the perfect nursing station:

  1. Glider: I’m using the Delta Children Slim Glider! So far we are loving it, but what we love most is the slim profile on it so it takes up little to no space for this small room.
  2. Ottoman: Something to rest your feet on. I never thought I’d love an ottoman so much until I got one, now I’m questioning why I never had one with my boys.
  3. Blanket (for yourself): Postpartum hormones are crazy. One second you’re burning, the next you’re freezing. So having a blanket within arms reach is key for when your baby falls asleep on you and you can’t move lol.
  4. Blanket (for baby): it’s kind of a habit for me to always have a blanket when nursing’s the baby, but it’s really great to have. She may feel a little cold, and instead of getting up, pulling one out of the drawer, having a designated one for breastfeeding will save you the hassle.
  5. Boppy Pillow: this is a back saver when breastfeeding! I highly recommend having one (or two). I keep one in the nursery and in my bedroom!
  6. Near by light: I have a reading lamp over my glider, but I also have the Hatch Baby Rest  night light and sound machine. It’s  perfect for middle of the night feeds. It creates just the right amount of light so you can still see baby but not bright enough to wake baby. It also has soothing sounds to calm your babe (and yourself).
  7. Phone charger: For some reason my phone is always about to die in the worst times (aka breastfeeding) and I’m not going to lie. I like to aimlessly scroll through Pinterest or Instagram while baby nurses away. So having the phone charger close by is important. Little hack: use a clip on the side of your glider/rocking chair to keep the charger in place.
  8. Nursing caddy (I bought a cheap $3 shower caddy from target)

1. Water bottle

2. Snacks: I keep the Milkful granola bar handy! They’re great for building your milk supply!

3. Breast pads

4. Burp cloth

5. Some form of entertainment: magazine or book

6. Tissues: Just in case you have a strong let down and milk drips on you.

7. Breastpump: (this is optional) but I always like to keep a breast pump with bottles near by because sometimes your baby will fall asleep on your breast and nothing you do will wake them up. But then you find yourself engorged still, so you have to pump some of it out.

This post was sponsored by Delta Children and Milkmaid goods| But all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 


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