Thing to do before your baby comes

The final weeks before your baby arrives can feel overwhelming, whether it’s your first baby or your 4th. There are just so many things that need to get done before you can welcome a newborn baby into the world. With all my kids, these are the 10 things we made sure we always did (mostly my husband because c’mon 9 months pregnant and 25 extra pounds don’t mix lol).

  1. Clean your house: I put this as number one because it’s a huge priority to me. When I hit week 36, I like to do a deep thorough clean on the house. We do this because once the baby is born; we’re all going to be too tired to do a deep clean. But we do it at 36 weeks, and then every week we just do maintenance cleaning. Every now and then I get a rare burst of energy and I’ll do a deep clean all over again. But I keep the “If I were to deliver today and come home tomorrow with a newborn, would I be happy with how my house looks?” So literally everyday I clean my house JUST IN CASE. Lol.
    1. For my deep clean, I recommend cleaning all the carpets. Not just vacuuming them (that’s maintenance cleaning) but shampooing them. We don’t have any animals so dander is not an issue for us, but just normal wear and tear and traffic will get some once beautifully clean carpets looking rough. So about once every 6 months we like to shampoo our carpets. We now own the Bissell ProHeat Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner so we can convenitienly clean our carpets whenever we want at the pace we want! My husband shampooed all the carpets in the house starting with Laila’s room. If you haven’t heard of the Bissell ProHeat Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner, I’d check them out. Look at this before and after shot of our carpet! I’m in shock with the results, but also the fact that it even got this dirty!

      That’s how dirty the carpet in her room was! In my defense, this room was once the boys’ playroom.
    2. Steam cleaning the floors: On top of mopping the floors with Young Living Thieves, I like to steam clean them because it sanitizes the floor. Once the floors were sanitized we enforced the “no shoes in the house” rule because think about all the germs your shoes will bring into the house. Think about all the public restrooms your shoes had the pleasure of meeting. EEEEK, grosses me out just thinking about it. So yeah, definitely get those floors mopped with some Thieves, and steamed before your baby comes.
    3. Deep clean the bathrooms: My husband does this one for me because I don’t clean bathrooms. But having a clean bathroom is very important as well, if your babies are like mine and can’t wait until the hospital to be born, having a clean tub is important. We delivered Joel at home, on accident and I was SO THANKFUL our tub had recently been bleached! So keep those bathrooms clean!!
  2. Clean car: My husband has a thing that the car HAS to be clean before the baby comes, so when we leave the hospital the car seat is going into a clean car. But I totally get it. Would you want crumbs everywhere for the precious ride home? I don’t! So getting a nice detail whether you pay someone (we paid for a mobile detailer) or doing it yourself, is important to us.
    This is the Britax Boulevard Click Connect cool n dry car seat! We are absolutely in love with this seat and how easy it is to install. But what we love most is how secure it is and the fabric. It’s perfect for Florida’s heat! Full review coming soon!
  3. Get nursery put together: I know, I know, your baby won’t be sleeping in the nursery in the beginning. But having a space to store all your baby stuff is nice! To see my full nursery reveal click HERE
  4. Have a baby shower: EVERY baby deserves to be celebrated. Even if you just have a baby sprinkle, where people just bring diapers…it’s still very nice! But of this is your first kid, make sure you have a shower…you literally will get showered with gifts! To see more pics from my baby shower, click HERE 
  5. Make some frozen crockpot meals in a Ziploc bag: This will really come in handy after you have your baby and you’re too tired to cook anything. Prepping crockpot meals and freezing them ahead of time is perfect because all you have to do it pull it out of the freezer, throw it in the crockpot and enjoy a nice “gourmet” dinner, 6-8 hours later! If you’re on maternity leave and not getting paid, this is the perfect way to save money as well.
  6. Preregister at hospital: Do this as early as the hospital allows. I always make sure to do this because when you come in here in labor, the last thing you want to do is sign paperwork and sort insurance information out.
  7. Pack your hospital bag: Don’t wait until last minute to do this because you’ll probably forget something! I always do it by 36 weeks, that way it gives me time to figure out what I have/don’t have/need to get. But having your bags packs and ready to go is a real life saver. You won’t have to worry about packing when you’re in labor, or leaving it up to your husband to grab your stuff. Need tips on what to pack, click HERE
  8. Set up and learn about the baby gear: Do this when youre still pregnant, especially for the stroller. One time we took elias out for the first time, and clicked his car seta into the adapter for the double stroller, and when it came time to unclick it, we had NO CLUE how to do it. We spent 10 minutes (felt like 30) in the parking lot trying to unclick his car seat. Eventually I just went on youtube and we figured it out. So learning about your new baby gear is important!
  9. Get maternity photos done: This is one thing I didn’t do with my 1st and 3rd pregnancies and I regret not doing it. The female body is so amazing, how it can house a life for 9 months! So having professional photos to capture your body at this most precious time is really special, well to me at least. To see all my maternity photos, click HERE
  10. Go on as many dates as you can with your spouse: After your baby arrives, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is going on a date not because your hormones are all over the place and you secretly can’t stand your husband, but you may develop a separation disorder and not want to leave your baby with anyone. So we try to soak up as much one on one time as we can!  
    One last date to Disney’s Food and Wine Festival at Epcot

Those were my 10 things to get done before the baby comes. I’m sure there are like a zillion other things to do before, but those are my top 10!

This post was sponsored by Bissell| But as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

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