DIY Reindeer Ornaments

Growing up I’ve always been a crafty person, I love DIYs and anything that involves trips to the craft store. So naturally I want to establish that same love for crafts with my boys, but they honestly don’t care. Must be a boy thing.

So for Joel’s first birthday party, I planned on having a DIY ornament station. Yeah, I completely forgot about it. So instead I packaged up all the supplies for the ornaments so my party guest can make it themselves at home with their little ones. But guess what? I even forgot to give them the cute little packages I made, so I’ll be hand delivering them now.

Here are all the steps on how to make these cute little reindeer ornaments. It’s super easy, and even the most non-Pinterest, anti-craft mama can make this!

Supplies needed:

  • Clear Plastic Ornaments (they sell a 2 pack at the Dollar Tree for $1!)
  • Brown paper filling (purchased in Target’s $1 section)
  • Googly eyes (purchased at Dollar Tree)
  • Red Pom Poms (Dollar Tree for the Win, again)
  • Brown pipe cleaners (Hobby Lobby for $2 for like a 30 pack)
  • Hot glue gun/liquid glue (if you don’t have a hot glue gun)


  1. Stuff Clear ornaments with Brown Paper filling
  2. Place cap back on
  3. Wrap Brown pipe cleaner around the opening, and use hot glue gun to keep it in place
  4. Cut about 1.5 inches off on each side of the brown pipe cleaners
  5. Twist the cut off piece around the tip of the other brown piece to make the antlers
  6. Glue on the googly eyes
  7. Glue on the red Pom Pom for the nose
  8. Hang the ornament, and snap a pic, and use hashtag #AsekyandtheBoysDIY so I can see your adorable ornaments

I placed all the supplies to make a DIY reindeer ornament in these little brown paper treat bags, with a little note and a clothes pin to attach the ornament and tag, and secure the bag close. These will be handed out in person, because I have mom brain and forgot to hand these out at the party ??‍♀️

This would be the perfect goodie bag for any Christmas party, and for guests of all ages.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate you all so much for supporting Aseky + The Boys Blog.

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