Best Animal book for your early reader

Did you know sea otters hold hands while sleeping? Or that both baby koalas and baby kangaroos are called Joeys? Or what a porcupette is?

These are all things RJ, Elias and I learned with our new book from National Geographic.

This book from National Geographic called “Hey Baby: a collection of Pictures, Poems and Stories from Nature’s Nursery” is a hit in our house. The title is pretty self explanatory but within this book you’ll find pictures of baby animals in the wild. Each section of the book is organized by different habitats. Within each section, it opens up with a poem and ends with beautiful pictures of the different animals that are within that habitat. My oldest, RJ, is obsessed with anything that involves animals so this was the perfect book for him.

Some mornings when I just don’t feel like hearing Teen Titans Go, or Little Einsteins for the 20th Time, I’ll tell them to each go grab a book and have quiet time. RJ will always run back with his “animal book” and little Elias just wants to be just like big bro so he comes back with his own book from National Geographic called “Let’s Play! Collection”. This book is filled with fun pictures of Baby animals. It’s perfect for the early reader in your family. It’s easy to read and filled with action words that match the picture. Elias nor RJ can read yet, but they’re able to put a word to a picture which is great for sight words.

Today was Joel’s first birthday and my husband and I were pretty busy setting up, cleaning and cooking for his party, so we didn’t have a lot of time to sit down and play with the kids, but at their own will, they grabbed their “Animal books” and decided to read together. Of course I had to snap a few pics because it’s amazing what a good book can do!

This hardcover book is the perfect gift for any child, mom to be or the Animal lover in your life. To buy this book click the link here!

By the way, a porcupette is a baby porcupine!

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