DockATot {Honest} Review

Info on the DockATot:

  • DockATot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper and playtime lounger.
  • Comes in two sizes Deluxe for 0-8 months, and the Grand 9-36 months
  • Handmade in Europe, but designed in Sweden
  • Breathable
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • All natural, 100% cotton
  • Perfect Micro-climate for babies and tots
  • Grand is perfect for toddler bed transitions

(Elias- My 23 month old: 26 lbs, and 36ish inches long. Joel- My 5 month old: 20 lbs and 28ish inches long)

Upon receiving the DockATot this mama did a happy dance. I may have been a little obsessive, but I was tracking the package like a hawk. This was something I really wanted to get back in 2015 when I just delivered Elias (My middle child). I never ended up purchasing it, because I was pretty intimidated by the price tag. Fast forward 18 months, and 1 more kid, we now own the DockATot. When we first got the DockATot the plan was so use it for our middle child Elias, because we got the grand. We wanted to transition him to a toddler bed, and we knew the DockATot would’ve been perfect. We took it out of the box, and the grand is truly grand,  measuring at 24 inches wide, 39 inches long (with clasps closed) and 47 inches (with clasps open) and about 5 pounds. After I snuggled in it, and pressed my face to the padded sides to test out how breathable it is (it truly is breathable), I put Joel (our youngest) in it, and no lie, within minutes, he fell asleep. So at that moment we knew, this was going to be his bed (sorry Elias). Joel (our 5 month old) is a big boy, he weighs about 20 pounds, so he’s almost at the weight limit for the grand.

Because of the size of the grand, and the fact we only have a queen size bed, I am only able to co-sleep for nap time because my husband is not home. As for bedtime, he is not able to be in our bed with the DockATot, because there would not be any space. Maybe in a king size bed, but not our queen. (**hint hint husband, time to upgrade our bed**)

Whenever Joel takes his nap in the DockATot, he goes into a deep sleep, which is big deal because my house is like a circus  (3 boys, silence is non-existent). Because of the padding on the sides, it gives him a real snug feeling, that basically mimics the womb. Like I said before, the sides are 100% breathable, and meets all safety standards. The sides are high enough to protect baby from rolling out, or the parent from accidently rolling on top of baby while sleeping. Joel easily gets hot, and the DockATot does not harbor any heat. The materials used in the DockATot, is especially designed to allow air to pass through, which makes for a cool, happy, sleeping baby.

And not only is the DockATot great for sleeping, its also great for tummy time, lounging, and playtime. During the day when this mama is trying to get stuff done, laundry, blogging, dishes, or just attending to the other kids, I put Joel in his DockATot with one of his toys, and he calmly lays there. I feel like it’s become his comfort zone. On the side of the DockATot is a convenient strap, that makes it easy to carry from room to room, this things moves from 3 different rooms just about every hour, But that’s whats awesome about it, it’s so portable.  Now lets say Joel has a complete diaper explosion while laying in the DockATot, everything is removable and washable. You are even able to purchase different covers, so you could go from pristine white (like what I have), to blue, or to silver chevron. The possibilities are endless!

Now lets talk money. The DockATot has a pretty steep price, especially with all the other expenses that come with a new baby. You ask, “Is it worth it?”. My answer is plain and simple, Yes! and when I said yes, I was yelling out YESSSSS!!! Look at it this way, the average high end bassinet cost over $200. and buying the Deluxe will cost you $165. By having the deluxe, you don’t need a basinet. You are able to safely co-sleep, and once you experience the greatness of the Deluxe, of course you’re going to want to purchase the Grand which is also cheaper than an entire brand new crib and mattress.

This is an investment, an investment for great sleep, not only for your sweet baby, but for you!

So are you ready to purchase a DockATot for your baby? I even have a special promo for you so you can receive $10 off your DockATot! How much is good sleep worth to you?

This post was Sponsored by DockATot | & All opinions are 100% me.


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