What’s in my diaper bag

Being a Third time mom, my diaper bag content has downsized quite a bit. When I had my first child, I’m almost positive my diaper bag literally had the entire BuyBuyBaby in there. I thought I could never be too prepared. Now as a third time mama, I keep the absolute necessities. I do want to say, there are a few more items that should be in a diaper bag, but I don’t keep them in there, including a change of clothes for all three of them and some extra toys for the older two. I keep all those extra items in a super market bag in my car.

  1. Lily Jade Diaper Bag : Doing a full review on the diaper bag soon, but we love this bag because its able to accommodate all of our things for myself, and three little boys all under the age of five. The inside of the bag completely comes out, so when youre about to have a date night and need to drop the kids off at the baby sitter but still want to use your super cute leather bag, you just pull the tiffany blue insert out. The insert is washable, and has a ton of different compartments so it keeps all of baby’s belongings organized. Everything has a place.
  2. Sophie Le Giraffe: Our little Joel is obsessed with Sophie. His tiny little hands are able to grab the giraffe’s neck, and knaw on the feet, face or anywhere his little tongue can reach. When he holds it at the right angle, he makes Sophie squeak, and then he makes himself laugh. What we also love is that it’s made with pure
  3. Nuby Snack n’ Sip cup: This is Elias’ cup. Elias is a big snacker, and easily gets hangry. So having this snack n sip cup, he’s able to have his water and goldfish crackers in one place.
  4. Covered Goods: THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL! I’m not comfortable nursing in public, but I’m not going to hide in the corner to feed my baby. With my coveredgoods, I am able to nurse Joel any and everywhere we go. I’ve been using the original covered goods since Elias was born back in 2015, and if it wasn’t for it, I probably wouldn’t have breastfed for so long. Every mommy-to-be, new mom, and veteran mom needs one! Not only is it a nursing cover, its a car seat cover, so it blocks your little babe from the sun, wind, germs and nosey lookers. It is also a shopping cart seat cover, so when your little babe is older it covers the cart and protects your little one from all the germs that come along with the grocery store carts…and that’s not all…it’s also an infinity scarf! its truly the all in one nursing cover.
  5. Medela Freestyle : If you read my medela pump review blog post you’d understand why this is my favorite pump. It fits perfectly in my diaper bag, and takes little to no room. All the extra pump supplies (Flange and bottles) is kept in a Ziploc bag in my car.
  6. Parasol Diapers and Wipes: I didn’t link the diapers, because on my sidebar under “ADs” you will see a direct link to their website. (It is an affiliate link, so any purchases from that link, I will be compensated for). We love their diapers and everything this company stands behind. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried other organic diapers, but most of them are rough. Well Parasol diapers use less wood pulp which makes their diapers safe. They’re the next step in safe responsible baby care.
  7. Moss and Marsh Bandana Bib: I did a Blog Post on Joel’s bandana Bib and pacifier holder. But we are in love with the cute design of this bib and how functional it is! It’s not like your average bandana bib, this one holds his pacifier as well…GENIUS!
  8. Dollar Store Sunglasses: Yep, no shame in my dollar store shopping game. I’m going to be 100% honest, I lose and break sunglasses like there is no tomorrow. Why spend $100+ on something that I’m not going to take care of. These cute black aviators were legit only $1. and they have so many other colors, including gold, silver and of course my favorite, Black.
  9. My iPhone: My lifeline. The end.
  10. Jac & Jae Designs Dream Blanket: This is Joel’s favorite blankie. It goes everywhere with him. We love how big it is, so it’ll grow with Joel, and that its breathable. I’m a little paranoid about him sleeping with blankets, but this is literally the only blanket we trust leaving him with.

This post was sponsored by Lily Jade, Sophie Giraffe, Jac & Jae designs, Moss & Marsh, and Nuby | but like always, all opinions are 100% me.

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