Entering Hawaii: Steps and Process

Y’all know, last month we spent about 9 days out in Hawaii having the very best time. It truly was an incredible experience, and I will forever yell from the mountains “GO TO HAWAII!!!”. Click HERE to see my full 9 day itinerary. But while I was in Hawaii I got asked lots of questions about the process of entering with covid, and covid testing, so I ended up doing a q&a on my stories, but I never got around to answering the q’s, so it was an incomplete q&a lol. Well all of this to say, I’m here to answer all your questions and some. So here it goes.

Requirements for traveling to Hawaii, from Orlando

  1. Quarantine: choose not to take a COVID-19 test prior to departure and complete the mandatory 10-day self-quarantine
  2. Bypass quarantine by taking a pre-travel test
    • The test must be from a state-approved testing provider.
    • The test must be administered no more than 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the final leg to Hawaii.
    • For trans-pacific travel, test results must be received prior to flight departure.
  3. Those fully vaccinated within the State of Hawaii can bypass quarantine starting the 15th day after the completion of their vaccination.

All trans-pacific travelers must create an account on the State of Hawaii’s Safe Travels website. You will find information on the steps you need to take to bypass quarantine on that page.


Steps for Entering Hawaii

  1. Schedule a COVID-19 test
  2. Add your trip information to the Safe Travels website
  3. Take your test
  4. Upload your test result to the Safe Travels website
  5. Print your negative COVID-19 test result
  6. Complete the health questionnaire and obtain QR code
  7. Get pre-cleared prior to departure

Q&A from my Instagram:


Q. Do you have to test again when leaving Hawaii to come back to “mainland”?

A: Nope you do not! You only need to test to enter the U.S when entering from out of the country, or a non U.S Territory.


Q: Does Vault bill insurance? 

A: From their site “Vault bills insurance, if requested. In these cases, our government or school partners pay only the costs not covered by insurance”


Q: Have you been asked to show your negative results elsewhere while on the trip?

A:I have! When we first got off the plane and was going through customs. it was asked there to see my QR code for the safe travels Hawaii website. That was where I uploaded my covid tests. Although they didn’t ask for the actual negative results, it’s still good to have just in case. But they also asked for it at the hotel, that was where they gave me a wristband which indicates that everyone in my party are covid negative, so we are free to roam the hotel, versus someone who decided not to test so they don’t have proof of negative covid test, who would have to self quarantine for 10 days.


Q: Which Airlines did you fly with? Did you feel safe?

A: We flew Hawaiian Airlines, and we felt very safe. This was also our 5th flight (during these times) so we already feel pretty comfortable, however I definitely encourage you to do your research on how planes are keeping everything sanitized, and how the air is fitted (like an operating room). All in all, Hawaiian does an amazing job with mandating the masks, and a clean trip!


Q: Do you have to wear masks outside? 

A: No, masks are only required indoors.


Q: Is there an age minimum for the test?

A: Children 4 years of age and younger (on the date of your flight) are exempt from testing and quarantine. However, I missed this and had Joel (my 4 year old) test.


Q: Is it hard to travel with small children at this time?

A: I wouldn’t say so. We’ve been dealing with the current state of the world for over a year now, so the kids are pretty comfortable (well, very comfortable) with wearing a mask, and being in public, and just overall good hand hygiene.

Q: Are the luau shows open?

A: Yep!! We went to the one at Disney’s Aulani. Things are a bit modified, but they’re very much so open!


Q: What if you’re fully vaccinated, are the cards sufficient to is a test still required?

A: Yes and No. The State of Hawaii is allowing quarantine exemptions for both trans-pacific and inter-island travelers, provided that the traveler was fully vaccinated in the State of Hawaii. Fully vaccinated is defined as 15 days after receiving the last recommended dose. Learn more about the Vaccination Exception ProgramOpens external link to page that may not meet accessibility guidelines.So for me, who was not vaccinated in Hawaii, I still must do the covid test.

Q:Where did you find all of this information?

A: From the Hawaiian Airlines Site!! Super helpful!


Q: How long did you have to wait on the zoom call for a lab proctor to come on the call? 

A: I tested with Vault health and I waited no more than 3 minutes, and that was with all 5 of us. So super quick!


Q: Do you need to wear your wristband all vacay?

A: The wristband is from our hotel, and yes, we had to!


Q: Hello, do you know where else I can get tested before traveling to Hawaii? 

A: Vault, and Walgreens are the ones from the top of my head. But here is the full list.


Well, I hope this was super helpful, and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via Instagram!!