Hair Care During the Summer

Haircare during the summer 

This post is sponsored by Native. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Can you believe it’s already summertime? Well technically it’s not Summer yet, but if you live in the south, it’s been summer since like March. We’ve all been hitting up the beaches and cannon-balling into pools since temps hit over 70 degrees. But with all the extra sun exposure, saltwater, and chlorine pools, comes with EXTRA dry hair. I know this first hand.


Growing up in Florida, and spending about 80% of my childhood outdoors, I KNOW the effects of extra sun exposure. So in this blog post, I’m going to quickly put together some of my favorite summer hair care tips to keep those locks shiny, bouncy, and healthy!


  1. Cover your hair: when you’re not in the water (or even if you’re in the water) keep your hair covered with a hat, or scarf, preferably one designed for sun protection. Also keeping your hair covered will help protect you from brittle hair, split ends, and moisture loss.
  2. Wrap your hair in a bun, or a braid: I TRY (and I say try because I love my mermaid hair when wet, and underwater) to keep my hair wrapped up. This helps with tangling, meaning when it comes time to wash and derange my hair- I’m not tugging and pulling any hair out.
  3. Apply conditioner BEFORE swimming: Before I go swimming, I wet my hair with a spray bottle and apply my conditioner in. This keeps my hair soft, even while in the water.
  4. After swimming, wash your hair immediately: I wash my hair shortly after swimming and use my absolute favorite Native Hair Care (which is sold EXCLUSIVELY at Target!!). It is Infused with a rich and luscious Almond & Shea scent, this sulfate-free shampoo helps strengthen strands and restore softness to replenish your hair’s natural vibrancy, and the conditioner replenishes damaged hair by restoring strength and resilience to your strands!
  5. Apply Hair mask: I LOVE Native Almond & Shea Strengthening Mask. It is a hydrating hair mask that nourishes strands, to restore strength and natural vibrancy. I Apply it generously to hair, let sit for 3-5 minutes, and rinse clean.


I hope this was super helpful as summer is rolling on it, and that this can help keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy! Grab your Native products on your next Target run or here.