Fun Things To Do During A Family Trip

This past weekend the 6 of us (Renaldo, RJ, Elias, Joel, Laila and myself) were able to escape from our normal hustle and bustle, and take a trip up to St. Augustine Beach for a fun and SAFE and isolated weekend getaway! The beach home we stayed in was just steps away from the beach and had everything we needed- plenty of rooms, a pool, and a game room so we had the best time. But of course, being the total planner that I am, I came up with fun activities to do with the kids while we were there.

 This post was sponsored by the Chinet® brand, however, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

I remember growing up my favorite memories from vacations weren’t necessarily the home or hotel, but the fun things my family and I did together. So as a parent, I want to create those same memories for my kids and hopefully they want to do the same with their kids one day. 

If you’re planning your next family SAFE weekend getaway and are wondering what activities you can do with the kids, look no further- because I got a list for you. Since having our 4th child, we have become pretty seasoned with traveling safely with kids. In this blog post, I’m going to share plenty of ideas on what to do in your vacation home-that won’t require you leaving the house. 

Fun things to do during a family trip 

  1. Build a fort: We did this on the last trip and the kids had so much!!
  2. Read Books under the fort
  3. Make Crafts – we used Chinet® Classic White™dinner plates, and let the kids paint whatever they wanted on it. 
  4. Go swimming (if your vacation home has a pool) but actually go swimming WITH them!! This is probably the kids favorite thing about trips is that mom and dad are in the pool doing cannonballs and back flips with them. 
  5. Have a kid party! Let the kids dress up, make finger foods, make their favorite punch ( tip: use Chinet® Cut Crystal dessert plates and Cut Crystal® cups for a super fancy feel) and play their favorite songs!
  6. Make a nature craft- go outside and see what you can find, and make a craft with it. Let their imaginations run wild with what they create.
  7. Cook a meal TOGETHER- we do this a lot at home. But doing it on vacation is always a favorite of ours. 
  8. Play restaurant, and lets the kids assume different job roles (cook, waiter, hostess, etc) 
  9. Play hide and seek: nothing like playing hide and seek in a new environment! So many new spots!!  
  10. Have a pajama day- get all the pillows and blankets in the house, put it in the living room-basically a big cozy floor. Put a movie on and make hot cocoa (use Chinet® Comfort Cup® insulated hot cups to prevent spills). 
  11. Play a card game- if your kids don’t know, teach em! 
  12. Lay on the floor in the backyard, and look for animals in the clouds.
  13. Make up stories; let their imaginations go wild and come up with the funniest and craziest stories.
  14. Play a new board game together

If you are able to swing a safe weekend getaway, I encourage you to try some of the family activities above! I promise you, your kids will have so much fun!! Don’t forget to pick up your Chinet® brand products at a store near you! Thank you so much for reading! Make sure you follow me on Instagram, where I share all of our family travel and fun!