Park City Utah- with kids

How amazing does a ski trip sound? For the very first time, the Bonnaire family-natural born Floridians took on the snow!! This was a trip that we have been looking forward to for awhile now. So when it actually became a reality-it felt pretty surreal. 

We have all been in snow before, but never actually did snow activities, like snow tubing, skiing or even building a snow man so the kids were really looking forward to having fun in the snow. While researching different ski resort areas, we had plenty of options (including Jackson Hole, Vail, and BeverCreek) but after landing in Utah for a connecting flight when I was on my baby moon, and watching countless episodes of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City- I knew Park City, Utah was where I wanted to take the family. 

In pictures, movies, and shows, Utah looked very clean, very kid friendly and beautiful. Well I’m here to tell you, I was not fooled, Utah is indeed very clean, very kid-friendly, and BEAUTIFUL! In this blog post, I am going to share where we stayed at, what we did, where we ate and some tips for you all that we learned along the way.


Thank you Club Wyndham for sponsoring this post and our stay, however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own- as we chose what actives we did everyday on our own. 

About our stay:


We flew into Salt Lake City, Utah. From Orlando, we had a connecting flight in Atlanta (like always) and flew with Delta. We  fly Delta about 85% of the time, and love them. I’m not going to go in depth with all the safety precautions they are taking because you can do your own research and decide if that’s something you personally feel comfortable doing. However, we always felt safe and love that they block certain rows to allow safe distancing, and all middle seats are blocked unless you are traveling with your family. The plane we were on was HUGE, had the middle row so we felt super spaced out and comfortable. So definitely research the plane you are on as well. And one last note, delta is offering free cancellations and flight changes! Okay I’m done. But also the Salt Lake City airport is very clean, and everyone there follows proper CDC guidelines.


We rented from Enterprise, which the car rental counter is right at the airport, and the cars are there as well just a floor down. No buses driving you off site. Super convenient!!

We rented a Ford Expedition max which seated 8, and exactly what we needed since it was the 6 of us and our 2 dear friends. Originally we rented a 15 passenger van, because we thought we would need all the additional space for the 8 of us and luggage. But we made the expedition word, and looking back we are SO glad we ended up with the expedition because 1. we would not fit the van in a parking garage, and 2. how dumb would we look in a untied van driving through the city LOLLL.


We stayed at Club Wyndham Park City, and it seriously is the most beautiful resort! We had a 2 bedroom suite, with full kitchen (like dishwasher, full fridge, microwave and full size stove and oven), 2 over sized bathrooms, and a living room, with fireplace and balcony. It was just the right amount of space for the 6 of us. And our 2 friends stayed in a similar room, but with 1 bedroom not 2. But our room could’ve easily slept another 2 people because we had a sofa bed.

The resort is literally steps away from world class skiing. Literally, steps away. The gondola to the mountain was right outside our balcony. So to get to the slopes, you’re about 15 steps away once walking from the front entrance. And if you’re here to ski, that’s key! On top of being close to the slopes, there is a ski rental company located at the hotel as well, where you can get everything that you need to hit the slopes, from skiing to snowboarding, to all the protective gear.

-The resort also has a pool, 2 hot tubs, a gym (that’s currently closed).

– They also offer ski storage, so that’s one less thing to worry about when you’re there.

-This Club Wyndham resort is one of 230 properties that Club Wyndham timeshare owners can enjoy year after year. Timeshare has evolved to suit the needs of today’s traveler; owners aren’t buying fixed weeks in one location, but rather points that allow them to travel the world.

-With ownership, people have the chance to explore places they haven’t visited before, year after year, and stay in spacious accommodations with separate bedrooms, kitchen, living & dining areas without sacrificing access to resort-style amenities and service, with the reliability of the Wyndham name.

-Guests who are not yet Club Wyndham owners can also book a stay through

If you are wanting to book your next ski trip, I definitely recommend booking your hotel with Club Wyndham Park City and use code VACAY21 to save 20% on your future Club Wyndham stay (doesn’t have to be here at park city, but any of their properties) !

What we did: Park City Utah Itinerary 

A few of my internet friends messaged me asking for me to just make a full itinerary of what we did everyday, and I feel like that’s genius. Much easier to track what we did, and ate everyday and kind of give you an idea of how to curate and plan for y our trip, especially knowing how long things will take and travel time .


Park City Utah ski trip with Kids-Club Wyndham Park City

Day 1: 

Morning: Fly in, pick up rental car from Enterprise, and drive to Hotel

Afternoon: Check into Club Wyndham Park City- room wasn’t ready so we left our luggage with the bell boy and rode the gondola up to the Canyons Village.

We ate lunch at Drafts Burger Bar and they were REALLY good!

We got settled in our room, and passed out by 8pm LOL.


Day 2 (my birthday!!!)

Morning: We went to TJ Maxx to get the kids some more sweat pants, and buy a backpack for skiing.

Then we had brunch at Hearth Hill, and again, REALLY good!

Afternoon: Our 2 friends went skiing, so while they were gone we went to Salt Lake City and did some shopping at Target and at their mall.

Evening: We watched the Super Bowl, and ordered pizza and wings from Big Daddy’s. Their food was good, not great so I don’t recommend.

Day 3: 

Morning: We had breakfast at Cafe Galeria in Midway-which was about 35 minutes away from our resort, and had breakfast in an igloo. It was seriously so magical and I definitely recommend. However, make sure you drink your coffee before you go because the coffee there was not the greatest. I ordered a frittata, and the kids had waffles, French toast with fruit and pancakes, all of that was great! 

Afternoon: We went down to the gondola to meet our ski instructor, and she took us over to Aloha Ski Rentals and picked up our ski booys, skis, poles, and helmets. Once we got sized up, we went up to the slopes and spent 3.5 hours there with a private instructor. I highly recommend Park City Ski and getting a private instructor, if its your first time skiing. She was very helpful and SO good with the kids. We went up to the mountain and just went up and down the slopes.

Evening: We ate Jamaican food at 11Hauz– which was 4 minutes away from our resort,  and it was really good. Their Jerk sauce is on point. What I love about this place is that 1. you don’t need reservations, you just show up and order take out or take a seat and inside! 2. The food is on point. We went to Jamaica this time last year and ate authentic Jamaican food, and this was just as good! After dinner we made a short drive (10 minutes) to Historic Main Street and just drove through and looked at all the shops and pretty lights. Park city is such a beautiful town at night because all the homes have Christmas lights up still (in a on tacky way)!


Day 4: 

Morning: We dedicated this morning to school work because the kids are still in school, and Renaldo works remotely and he had a few big meetings. So I took advantage of this time to time to do 2 days worth of schoolwork with the kids. so when we get back on Thursday, we only have 2 more days worth of school to complete.

Afternoon: We went up to Woodward Park City about 10-12 minutes away from our resort. Woodward Park City is a year round ultimate sports park. However we went there just for snow tubing. We got there around 4, and paid for 2 hours, but since we were there at the cut off time for closing, we definitely got more than 2 hours of fun! Also, something to take note of: if you are going with little ones, ages 4 and up are allowed up the snow slide. but anyone younger than that (Laila) but play in the kid area which has snow tubes, and little teeny tiny snow slides. Laila had a blast there, and honestly, so did the kids. So make sure when you decide to go, you have enough adults to go with the kids up the big slide, but also someone to stay behind with the younger ones.

Evening: We ate dinner at Bartolo’s (4 minutes away from the resort) and it was amazing!! The kids also ate all of their food, which is rare when it Italian food!!


Day 5: 

Morning: We decided to start our day by walking down the historic Main Street in park city!! We had visited there a few nights prior, but there were a lot of shops we wanted to visit during the day (that are closed at night). During this time, Renaldo was working at a local pizza shop while I walked and visited stores with my friend. Once we were done window shopping, we met up with Renaldo at the pizza shop and had lunch. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but the pizza there is SO GOOD! Much better than the pizza place we had for the super bowl.

Afternoon: We went snowmobiling!!!! So our friends’ had reservations for snowmobiling, but was unable to get a reservation for a 6 passenger (that would seat my family, and also be safe for the kids). But they still had their reservation, so the plan was to drop them off and then we would go visit the Ice Castles while they did that. However, when we dropped them off- they had missed their guided tour (bummer) but we found out there was a cancellation in the 6 passenger. So they did a private tour for us! So our friends were able to get their snowmobile, and we got the 6 passenger. At Wasatch Excursions they have everything you need to stay warm if you didn’t bring enough- snow suits, gloves, snow boots, hand warmers, helmets (which is required) and goggles. And we watched the sanitation process so we know they are clean! The snowmobiling experience was INCREDIBLE! The entire tour was like 3 hours long, and we all had a blast. When we finally made it to the top of the mountain-where it was like 3 degrees, you are able to free ride, which was the most fun. Renaldo and I also switched rides with our friends so we could try the actual snowmobile, and they drove the 6 passenger. It honestly was an amazing time. CLICK HERE to watch videos of our experience.

Evening: We got dressed up and had dinner in Downtown Salt Lake City at The Copper Onion, which is American Food. It was really good, and definitely worth the drive if you’re coming from Wyndham Park City. Something to take note of if you’re traveling with kids: They don’t really have a kids’ menu there, so they made the kids butter noodles. And the seating there is tricky, since we didn’t have reservations, we had to take whatever seat they had available which was a hightop table- and if you have kids, you know that’s a no. So those are all things to take note of.

Day 6: 

GO HOME! We didn’t eat out anywhere, we were just trying to pack the car up again (remember we had a hard time loading it at the airport when we first got there?) and make it to the airport on time. So we cooked breakfast in our room and to cook up all the leftover food we had lol. but that’s just one of the amazing perks for staying at Club Wyndham Park City, is having the option to stay at your hotel and cook all of your meals.

When leaving the resort to head back to the airport, know that you don’t even need to go to the front desk for check out, we called from the car on our way to the airport. And also plan to leave the resort at least 2.5 hours before your flight to account for travel time, car rental return time, and TSA (if you don’t have TSA Pre-check), and you know traveling with kids it’s not always smooth sailing, so over plan your time!


Some things to take note of for your Utah trip: 

  • Rent all of your equipment, don’t feel the pressure to buy any ski gear because almost everything is rentable
  • They have very strict alcohol laws in Utah, meaning if you want to get wine from the grocery store, you won’t find if there because they are only sold in liquor stores. If you like craft beers, and it has a ABV of over 5% you won’t find it in a grocery store either. And if you’re out eating, don’t expect them to bring you your second drink until your first one is completely finished. They do this to keep everyone safe and limit the mount of alcohol you drink. I think this is great, and wasn’t a problem for us at all, but it is something to take note of.
  • Don’t rent the 15 passenger van if you’re traveling in a large group, because it’ll be really hard to park it in a parking garage.
  • Vacuum seal all of your snow gear to make it fit in your suitcase.
  • Masks are required everywhere indoors, unless seated and eating. and also required while on Park City Mountain (so while skiing). Skiing with a mask is a no brainer because it’s cold, and once the cold air kits your face, believe me you’ll be glad you’re wearing it. However, does not need to be work while outside and maintaining safe social distancing.

Whew, that’s everything from our Utah trip! It really was an amazing time, and now we plan on doing a ski trip every year for my birthday. The kids absolutely loved it, and were begging to keep going back to the mountain to ski, so we are excited to make this a family tradition. If you follow me on instagram, I hope you enjoyed following along via stories and if you missed out on the stories, I made a highlight sharing everything we did and tagged the places!!

Thank you to Club Wyndham for sponsoring us, and helping us create this amazing trip!! The memories we made here will forever be cherished!



Park City Utah ski trip with Kids
Park City Utah ski trip with Kids