Gift Ideas for the Entire Family

I told myself I would not do a holiday gift guide, they take up a lot of time. They stress me out. And half the time, I don’t know what the heck to buy for my kids. But this Christmas I actually finished my Christmas shopping in mid November, with the exception of a few items that I ordered online for Black Friday!

All the gifts that I’ll be sharing are not sponsored, and we bought because they wanted it!

What we bought RJ (6 years old):

1. Basketball Hoop and Basketball: My husband wanted this for the boys because he love s playing basketball, and want the boys to have memories playing ball together in the driveway.

2. Bike: RJ needed a new bike! His old one was way too small!

3. Christmas Eve Pajamas: Every Christmas Eve, we let the kids open one gift and it’s always Pajamas for them to wear that night!

4. Transformer Toy: He practically begged me for this particular toy. We forgot to get it for him for his birthday so Christmas it is lol.

5. Ben 10 Toy: He just loves Ben 10, and is collecting all their action figures!

What we bought Elias (3.5 years old):

1. Bike: He doesn’t have a bike, and has been asking us for one for a long time!

2. Kinetic Sand: I actually got this to help with his fine motor skills. We’ve never played with kinetic sand before, so I’m hoping he likes it!

3. Fake Food: Elias LOVES playing pretend, particularly fake cooking! We can’t commit to a play kitchen, so this will do!

4. Christmas Eve Pajamas: Every Christmas Eve we let the kids open one gift, and it’s their Christmas pajamas to wear that night.

5. Brainquest: I loved brainquest when I was a kid! So when I saw one for 2-3 year olds, I knew I had to get it for Elias. Plus this will get him talking, /9 it’s great for speech development!

6. Soggy Dog Board Game: We always buy at least one board game for the kids, and Elias goes crazy when he sees commercials for this!

What we bought for Joel (23 months old):

1. Play Tunnel: Joel loves playing in this at church daycare, and keeps him entertained for more than 15 minutes. He hates watching tv so I’m hoping this gives us a little break lol

2. Power Wheels 4 Wheeler: We went to a birthday party, and the birthday boy got this as a gift and Joel went crazy over it so we decided to get him his own. The boys currently have a 2 seater power wheels car, and there was never room for Joel, so now he has his own little 4 wheeler to ride around the yard with.

3. Christmas Eve Pajamas: Every year we let the kids open one gift on Christmas Eve, and it’s pajamas for them to wear that night!

4. Leap Frog Learning Book: No particular reason why we bought this aside from helping his speech development! It looks really interactive and something he’ll like!

5. Stacking Spindle Blocks: Got Joel this one because I feel like it’s great for his fine motor skills and imagination. It’s not your traditional legos, that we’ve had in the past and ended up throwing away.

What we bought for Laila (will be 3 months old):

1. Bows: We took advantage of Baby Bling’s cyber Monday sale and ordered Laila some more bows to add to her collection. We only buy baby bling because their bows are the only ones that you can use at 2 days old and 2+ years old!

2. Bouncer: We picked out the Skip Hop 3 stage activity center! I love how it grow s with your baby until their toddler years. And the overall aesthetic of this bouncer. It’s not super bright, and the bouncer isn’t huge!

3. Sophie Giraffe: When Joel was a baby he LOVED Sophie, so we decided to get it for Laila since she’s getting close to that age when she’s going to put everything into her mouth!

4. Christmas Eve Pajamas: Laila’s first Christmas, so we have rock make sure she’s apart of all of our family traditions including opening one gift Christmas Eve, and it being her Christmas pajamas!

5. Pair of Shoes: We love Freshly Picked and have built quite the collection between all of her shoes and Joel’s Moccs. I snagged these shoes for only $3 for their Black Friday sale. It was originally $18 and I had a $5 coupon and $10 gift card!

Hope this little gift guide helped you out! Again, none of this was sponsored! I work very closely with buybuy baby, so a lot of these items (mostly the ones for Laila and Joel) we purchased from buybuy baby with a shopping credit they gave me to get whatever, but everything else was from our own pockets!

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