How to access your PayPal funds immediately

Thank you PayPal and Walmart for sponsoring this post. Introducing PayPal cash in and cash out money services, the financial services alternative which allows you to manage your PayPal account and cash flow needs on your own terms!


I’m Aseky Bonnaire. I’m a wife, a mother, a daughter, a blogger, a PTA mom, a homeowner, a traveler, and just an everyday person who loves flexibility when it comes to my money. I utilize PayPal weekly, whether it’s sending an invoice, paying my hairstylist, or putting in my 3rd order of bows for the week, PayPal has honestly become my main account. Almost everyone and their moms’ have PayPal, and almost all merchants accept it because it’s the most secure way to pay. But what if I told you, you can have same day access to your PayPal funds in cold hard cash? Using PayPal cash in and cash out services is a game changer for myself. Doing normal everyday grocery shopping at Walmart, I can quickly nod easily get access to my money in an instant, and deposit money if needed. Having this service is a great option for someone interested in more financial flexibility, like myself. The same PayPal I loved, has changed the money game!

And if you’re a PayPal Cash Mastercard customer, you can pay bills or make purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted, and also get access to your PayPal balance using Walmart’s Service desks, cash registers or ATM’s. This to me is beyond amazing!

So how does it work?

If you are wanting to withdraw (cash out)¬†cash from your PayPal balance, you would open up your PayPal app, go to the “more” section, tap on “get cash”. Then you’d enter in the amount, review everything, and generate a code. Then you would go to a cashier, show them the code, and they will give you your cash. Simple as that!

And if you’re wanting to deposit (cash in) cash into your PayPal account, you would also go the “more” section, tap on “select cash”, and select “Walmart” and then generate your code. Again, go to the checkout line, show the cashier your code, hand over your cash and it is then deposited into your PayPal account.

Why I love it:

It’s convenient! I’m at Walmart weekly doing grocery shopping, and prior to this service, I would always request cash back while checking out. Now I’m able to get cash straight from my PayPal account. And before this feature, I used to transfer money from my PayPal to mine and my husband’s checking account, and then make an extra trip to withdraw that money from an ATM. But the new cash in and cash out feature makes it much easier and convenient to access my PayPal funds, whether it’s depositing money so I can shop online where PayPal is accepted. Or to withdraw money, because I promised to donate money for the teachers’ class gift. I’m able to save time for whats’ truly important, which is spending time with my family and making memories. Whatever your needs are, PayPal cash in cash out services gives you more flexibility with your funds.

I encourage you to learn more about PayPal cash in and cash out services

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