First official blog post

Hello Mommas and daddies !


Being a mom to a “terrible two” and being pregnant I thought I’d make a blog to share all my every day experiences without bombarding everyone’s Instagram and Facebook newsfeed. This way I can share all of life’s precious moments with those who choose to know instead of forcing all my non-parent Facebook/Instagram friends to know let alone understand a simple accomplishment of my two year old saying he has to go poo poo lol anyways, I will be posting all my weekly belly bump-dates, little tips for two year olds, and just everything parenthood ?

enjoy !

-Aseky Bonnaire aka mommy B


2 thoughts on “First official blog post”

  • Hi! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am pregnant for the first time and ecstatic 🙂 I saw your page featured on “mothersinprotest” and along with a few other people, I was interested in knowing the name of the app you use for your belly updates. I’m almost 9 weeks and I feel like I haven’t documented anything. Not much to show right now but I would still like the memory, the app would make it so easy 🙂

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Lany ! Congratulations on your pregnancy as well ? I use piclab for the filters and my husbands phone’s editing tool for the fonts and inserting my fruit pictures. We also used a chalkboard for while before discovering that tool in his phone. That’s always an option ! Have a great day !!!

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