I cannot believe Christmas is already here, and the last time I blogged was around last holiday season. Sorry!! But I am loyal to sharing what we bought for the kids. I’m terrible with coming up with gift ideas so I just share what we actually bought and know that the kids will love. To see last year’s gift ideas which are still relevant this year, CLICK HERE!


So without further-ado, here are gift ideas for a 9 year old boy, aka things we bought for RJ. His birthday was just a couple weeks ago so it was a little tricky to find gifts for him, but these are all things he wanted but didnt get yet. I think he will be very happy with these gifts.



  1. iPad: RJ is going to flip when he sees this. He has been begging for an iPad for some time now, and we were eating until he was a little older. but now that he has friends that like to FaceTime and text my phone all the time, we think having an iPad he can socialize with his friends with after school and homework will be really nice for him!
  2. Battlebots: Our boys are in love with battle bots so we got RJ a new set to battle with.
  3. Hooded Blanket: Everyone else got one so why not? lol
  4. Nintendo Switch Game: Just another game to add to his collection of games!
  5. Double Behind the door basketball kit: They love to play basketball indoors and outdoors and the hoop they have in their room is a little old and outdated, so we upgraded it so 2 can play at a time.
  6. Monopoly board game: RJ has been wanting to play monopoly for the longest, and when he saw the commercial he asked for this particular one.
  7. Pokemon game: Rj is obsessed with Pokemon and has been wanting to have the trivia game for the longest!
  8. Space Jam connect 4: we have connect 4 and its big hit in our house, but y’all know he loves space jam so we had to get the space jam version of this game.
  9. Osmo Learning kit: I have been eyeing this for sometime now, but finally decided to surprise all the kids with their own OSMO learning kit this year for Christmas. these are great ways to make screen time educational, but hands-on!