I cannot believe Christmas is already here, and the last time I blogged was around last holiday season. Sorry!! But I am loyal to sharing what we bought for the kids. I’m terrible with coming up with gift ideas so I just share what we actually bought and know that the kids will love. To see last year’s gift ideas which are still relevant this year, CLICK HERE!


So without further-ado, here are gift ideas for a 6 year old boy, aka things we bought for Elias.



  1. Nintendo Switch Game: this is the game he has wanted for some time now, but we are letting “Santa: surprise him with this one.
  2. Safari/Explorers outfit: he loves going on adventures in our backyards, so why not let him dress the part.
  3. Hooded blanket: Well, everyone else got a hooded blanket so he cant be left out. but he loves Foxes so we got him the fox version of it.
  4. Dinosaur: Every time we went to target, this is the dinosaur he would ask me for. We’d just say “ask Santa for it”! so he will be super excited to see that Santa got it for him.
  5. Small drum set: since the big one is just too big for our house, this is the next bed thing to what he asked for. Elias is really into making beats and is actually pretty good at it, so we are supporting a talent he has!
  6. Doodle board: Elias loves to color, and loves wasting paper so this solves 2 problems lol.
  7. Magic kit: Elias is always doing magic tricks with random things in the house, so we know he will love to make his own magic tricks with this kit.
  8. Ryan’s Toy cooler: I’m not even sure what’s in this, but Elias loves Ryan’s toy review and will stand behind anything he promotes, so here we are buying a toy cooler sight unseen and praying it’s worth it.
  9. Virtual Pong: No particular reason why I got him this but  I know he will love it!
  10. The Floor is Lava game: the kids love playing this all the time, so we got them (mostly Elias) the floor is lava board game.
  11. Osmo Learning kit: I have been eyeing this for sometime now, but finally decided to surprise all the kids with their own OSMO learning kit this year for Christmas. these are great ways to make screen time educational, but hands-on!