How to Treat and Prevent diaper rashes

If you’re a parent, you know all the joy that it brings, but you also know about all the not so pretty things of it all, including diaper rashes. With my first two kids, we got lucky and they never had a diaper rash, but with my 3rd child, he’d get them pretty frequently. He’d squirm, cry and scream at diaper changes. Even when he didn’t have a diaper rash, he’d cry at changes because he just associated diaper changes with pain. So when we noticed the start of a diaper rash we acted quickly to stop it before it got bad. Now with Laila (baby #4) we know all the tips and tricks to treat and prevent a diaper rash.

Tips for preventing and treating diaper rashes:

1. Keeping them clean. When I say keep them clean, I mean not letting them sit in a wet or dirty diaper for too long. As a mom of 4, I know how busy life gets managing all the kiddos, that sometimes time just slips from underneath you, and that poop diaper you were just about to change got put off because someone got hurt or the food on the stove was about to burn, and then you forgot about it, and went noseblind to the funk. But keeping them in a clean diaper is key! Also using a no rinse cleansing water (microcellular water) keeps the area clean, in between baths!

2. Let it air out: Sometimes we let the kids just run wild, naked and free to give their tushes some air. If we don’t have time to let them run nude, we’ll just fan their bums with the diaper to air it out. We literally do that at every single diaper change out of habit.

3. Be gentle: It’s a sensitive area, so scrubbing ain’t going to make the rash disappear. That will only irritate it more, so make sure you are gentle while wiping! Speaking of wipes….

4.  Keep everything fragrance free: Sometimes those sweet smelling wipes, can be making the diaper rash worse. So keeping everything as hypoallergenic as possible, can help you’re little one out!

5. If you’re breastfeeding, watch what you eat: If your little one is on solids, pay attention to what they’re eating. Certain foods can be irritating them and giving them a diaper rash. I know personally that when I was a baby, I LOVED to eat tomatoes, but my mom said it gave me a terrible diaper rash. So look at what you’re eating or what they’re eating because you never know, it could be making it worse!

6. Use a protective layer: We use diaper rash cream, but we ONLY use Balmex brand. We’ve gone through our fair share of diaper rash creams, because we’ve dealt with diaper rashes with Joel for most of his life. Balmex is our favorite for many reasons. One being that the same enzymes that naturally help your baby with digestion can also irritate their skin when they get passed through to a dirty diaper. Balmex diaper rash cream protects their bum from these irritating enzymes while also protecting from wetness and chafing. Also Balmex contains Vitamins B5 and E to soothe irritated skin. And probably one of my most favorite things about Balmex is that it’s not impossible to wipe off, remember excessive wiping and scrubbing can make the rash worse, but Balmex goes on smoothly and wipes off just as smooth so no irritating bums here!

So if your little one has a diaper rash, that really seems to be bothering him/her or the diaper rashes just keep coming back, just try out these 6 steps and I promise you’ll see results!

This post was sponsored by Balmex| but as ALWAYS, all thoughts and opinions are mine. I used and loved Balmex prior to this partnership.