Laila’s One Month Update

Miss Laila Noelle is a MONTH OLD! Can you believe it’s already been a month since her birth day?

In this month we’ve really worked on adjusting as a family of 6, from getting in and out of the car, figuring out the shopping cart situation at grocery stores, to just getting out of the house in a timely manner. But so far, I think we’re rocking it. We’ve basically lived for target drive up and shipt! Our days end pretty late and start super early. Napping when the baby naps is pretty much impossible now that my husband is back to work because I have 3 other kiddos to be a mom to, laundry pile that’s taller than my 6 year old and a blog that needs some serious attention. But this time with her is so so special. We’re soaking in every second of it all.

So monthly, I’ll try to post a little update on Laila, what she is doing, milestones, how she’s sleeping, how often she’s nursing, weight, length, her favorites etc etc. not only for your enjoyment, but just so I can come back to read this one day and can hardly remember how small she really was.

Age: 1 month

Weight: 9lbs 6oz

Length: 21 inches

Size diaper: Size NB/ Size 1 (at week 3)

Size clothes: Size NB and 0-3 months

Sleep: She sleeps really good. At night she goes about 3-5 hours in between feeds and goes back to sleep as soon as she’s done eating. No need to rock her or anything!

Breastfeeding schedule?: She exclusively nurses every 2-3 hours during the day! And it’s going great.

Milestones: She smiles only for her daddy and I.

What she loves: She loves to be held, especially in her tuck and bundle wrap. She loves her rock n play as well, that’s where she spends a lot of time during the day while I’m busy with her brothers.

What she hates: She hates being put into the car seat. The entire clipping in process, you’d think someone is hurting her. She also hates pacifiers, so my boob has taken the place 😏 and don’t even bring a bottle around her, she’ll gag.

Favorites for this month: Baby Bling bows (give me all the baby bling!!), her Cuddle + Kind doll, named Charlotte the Dog, along with her Poppy lane & Co oil diffusing bracelets with some essential oils.

Laila’s outfit details:

“One” onesie is from Swanky Shank 

Bow is from Baby Bling 

Bracelets are from Poppy Lane & Co 

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