Husband and Wife Photo Shoot

Monday (yesterday) Renaldo and I took advantage of his day off, and filled our day with plenty of activities to keep us busy. Surprisingly I woke up early enough to drink my coffee, eat a light breakfast, do my hair AND my makeup, snap a couple selfies because how often does this really happen?! AND all before the kids woke up! I was feeling like super mom!

After the kids woke up it was go go go, brush teeth, change diapers, make their oatmeal, feed them oatmeal, wash their face, get them dressed, get ourselves dressed and run out the door.

Everyday I live for my kids. From 8am to 8pm, I’m attending to their every need, preschool drop off, lunch packing, homework, play time, reading time, bath time, and any other _________time you can think of. I think with the hustle and bustle of #momlife we tend to forget about #wifelife. Renaldo and I are really good about spending our evenings together after the kids are asleep (even though he’s out eating wings right now with his sister), we like to snuggle on the couch, catch up on some shows from our DVR, and enjoy a 4th meal together. So the time spent is definitely there, but if you were to take my phone and look for a picture of just us two, your fingers might cramp up swiping. We barely have pics of us! My phone is flooded with pictures of our boys (no seriously, I have 8,000 photos- thank you iCloud ??). So I came up with an idea of surprising him with a ‘husband and wife’ photo shoot, to just showcase our love for each other. I referred to Pinterest for all my ideas on poses because I forgot how to pose with JUST ONE other person. It’s always Me plus 2 ,then 3, now 4! I created an entire board for “couples shoots” I started pinning all my ideas, and slowly I started pinning “family photos” and I had to tell myself “focus Aseky, this is just you and Renaldo. Not the kids this time”.

I reached out to one of my good blogger friends Shadell about working with her husband Ryan. He owns Ryan Clark photography and his work is AMAZING (from what I saw on her blog and his Instagram page). He was prompt and set up a date immediately for our shoot! I shared with him my secret location (that I can not share because the last photographer I worked with, asked that I not share, but she gave me permission to share with Ryan. I’m SO sorry to everyone who has been asking me!!! Don’t hate me, please).

So continuing my story about my morning, we ran out the door and guess what? We were only 10 minutes late to our photo shoot! That’s big for us. The more kids we have, the later we get. One kid-10 minutes late, Two kids-20 minutes late, see a trend? Well throw in one more, Three kids- 45 minutes. I dont know how that happened!

We first took photos with my long dress from Tobi (pics below). And I’m absolutely in love with the dress. It’s definitely one of my favorites. I had a clear vision of us in the woods, wearing semi formal attire, and looking all romantic and in love!

Shortly after getting some good shots, I did a quick outfit change to something less formal, and more casual, that would still match what Renaldo was wearing. I changed into another dress from Tobi (see pics below).

We felt so comfortable with Ryan, there was never an awkward moment. And that’s so important when picking a photographer. Ryan was quick with editing the photos, I almost couldn’t believe him when he said “ I’ll have them ready later today”. I thought for sure a week (which is understandable)! And seriously, later on that day, he had all our photos ready! After opening our file, I instantly fell in love. His photos are just my style. I’m super picky about my photos, and how they’re edited, but Ryan was right on the money.

Right after opening it, I messaged his wife basically booking him for every single photo shoot for the rest of my life lol. Hope he’s ready to capture our family for the next 20 years, totally kidding, but I’m really not ??

So if you’re local to me (central Florida) please check him out or follow him for some amazing shots!

Aseky’s Outfit details: Long Flowy Dress//Tobi-perfect for romantic pictures or attending weddings. Disclaimer: it has a deep plunging neckline!

Short Dress//Tobi -perfect for brunch or day out with the girls!

Earrings//Charming Charlie similar, because I bought mine 2 years ago and I can’t find it anywhere!

Sandals//Target– my go-to sandals! They go with everything!

Renaldo’s outfit details: Shirt//HM Pants//Banana Republic Shoes//ALDO Watch//Claiborne

Okay enough talking, and here are the pics ⬇️

I’m seriously so in love with all these pictures! And they’re so special to me because as much as I love my boys, I love the man who helped create those boys. If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to get photos done with your significant other of just you two! Plus it’s really nice and stress free to have photos done, that you’re not constantly telling someone to look at the camera, or looking uncomfortable trying to wrangle a kid, or just dealing with a complete meltdown!

So put on something flirty and sexy, and get some photos done with yo man! You’ll thank me later.

Dresses were provided by Tobi| all opinions on the dress are 100% me!

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