Welcoming Fall with Comfort

As many of you know (because I’ve only said it 23774 times) in a few weeks, we will be traveling up north to Boston! Being the Floridian that I am, I own like 1 sweater, a couple jeans and NO boots. So we’ve been slowly buying things before we embark on our trip north, where we will be greeted with significantly colder weather.

While searching for cute, but warm clothing, I came across Prana. They make the cutest things, that are made for on the go! All their outfits are created for adventure in mind. Prana offers sustainable, recycled and fair trade certifed and hemp items. What’s also great about the company is that prAna prioritizes giving back to communities all over the world, click on the link here for more info!

So being that I’m still in Florida, not in Boston yet, I took some pictures of me wearing my new prAna outfit, but in my front yard because let’s be honest, it’s WAY too hot in Florida right now to be wearing sweaters and jeans.

The sweater: What I love about the sweater is how warm it is (hence how greasy I look in the pics ??)

I know this will be great once I’m in the chilly weather. The back of the sweater is really long, which will look fantastic when layering!

The Jeans: the jeans are also from prAna! They are stretchy, so no matter how much food you consume for the holidays, it’ll for sure still fit! When ordering, I’d definitely size down. I ordered a size 2 (I’m 5’5ish and 115lbs) and next time, I’ll be ordering a 0. My 2 was a bit loose!

To save 15% off your purchase on prAna.com use promo code MMABF17

So far, I’m just loving this outfit and I can not wait to wear it in less than a month!

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