Laila’s Disneyland Themed 2nd Birthday

Can you even believe Laila is 2? Our sweet and sassy little girl already turned two. In these two years of her life we have spent countless days and weekends at Disney world. That is easily our favorite place to go as a family, and Laila is obsessed with Minnie and Mickey. I mean obsessed, every night she sleeps with one of her 6 Minnie dolls. And everyday she is begging joe to put her in one of her Minnie or Mickey jumpers or sneakers. So needless to say, we knew we had to have a Disneyland themed birthday. When I got on Pinterest I saw so many ideas and couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted, but I knew it had to do with Minnie, mickey and the most magical place on the planet! I reached out to my ladies over at Movage Events and told them the different elements I was looking for and let them come up with the rest. And sure enough these ladies worked their magic and came up with LAILA LAND!!! It is vintage Disneyland meets sketches or Mickey and Minnie. It was perfect.

Disneyland themed birthday party

All about Laila’s Disneyland Themed Birthday : 


Reunion Resort: This is where we had Laila’s birthday party last year, and RJ specifically requested the same thing for his party this year, but we ended up combing her birthday with RJ’s since on her actual birthday we spent it just the 6 of us without friends or family, and on RJ’s actual birthday it will just be the 6 of us without friends or family- so this way our families can come together once whether it basin person or via zoom to celebrate their birthdays. We love having birthday celebrations at Reunion because their homes are so spacious. The exact home we stayed in was the “Homestead Juniper” and it was close to 7000 square feet with 7 bedrooms, 2 masters, a movie room a game room, and a private pool. What I love about homes in the Reunion neighborhood is that they all have a pool and some sort of outdoor kitchen. So our little water loving babies and grill master hubby always have a great time when we go, as does our friends and family who come out. Also, plenty of them have themed rooms-the kids had an entire Mickey bunk room! And you also can’t forget the waterpark which is at the resort! We didnt get a chance to go, but it looks amazing!!



We had rice and beans, meatblls, and of course BBQ, with fruit and veggie platters. Normally we like to cater from local spanish grocery stores because its just so much easier, but moms to the rescue, my mom offered to make her famous coconut rice (where I get the recipe from) and cook for the whole party.



So I gave Movage Events a theme, which was DisneyLand  and told them the layout of the house, where I wanted them to set up because we did Laila’s party at the same time. And they did their magic and put together a mock up drawing design of it all, and I

and yes, your eyes did not deceive you, that is a little golden book as a “goodie bag” present with their names on the ribbon and on the mickey ears headband. I can’t even make this up, they’re so clever! 



Resort: Reunion (homestead juniper)

Event decorators: Movage Events (they service all of Florida)

Balloon Decorators: Lush Creations Party And Decor 

Cakes: Jilly Cakes