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We’ve all had those moments, when we were honestly trying and just fail instead. Whether it was putting your glass of water in the bottle warmer instead of your child’s bottle, or changing your baby’s diaper and forgetting to put a diaper back on. We’ve all been there and some moments are more embarrassing than others. Some we share with everyone, and some we just want to erase from our memory. Some we laugh about, some take us 5 years to laugh about.

Every other Monday, I’ll be sharing my mom fails, and some funny and embarrassing mom fails of some other Mamas. I want it to be something we can all read, relate to, and just laugh at. Let’s celebrate the not so glamorous moments in motherhood!

So put Bubble Guppies on, reheat your coffee, sit back and enjoy!

This past Sunday, we made a point to finally make it to church. I put my makeup on, I was dressed, my husband was dressed, the kids were all dressed and as we were rushing out of the garage door, I noticed my oldest son was wearing his hideous Crocs (I loved those crocs, but he hasn’t taken care of them) and I was like, “NO WAY, take them off! Get in the car and I’ll grab your socks and shoes from inside”. He took them off and got in the car. We made it to church like 30 minutes later, and when we went to get out of the car…we realized he still wasn’t wearing any shoes, and I forgot to grab them ??‍♀️ But that’s not all, I forgot to grab Elias’ (my middle child) shoes as well. So not one, but two of them were shoeless. We ended up going to target to buy them shoes! ⬆️All three kids shoved in one shopping cart because none of them had shoes on!

When Aseky (that’s me!) was about 2 years old, I was picking her up from my moms house (my grandma), and as I was pulling out of the driveway, I noticed a frog on my dashboard. I threw the car in park and ran out of the car. I ran back into my moms house screaming for my brothers to help me get the frog, and my mom said “WHERE’S ASEKY?!” And I embarrassingly said “In the car still”. They all ran out to get the frog out, and when my brother (my uncle) said “Aseky, where the frog”, she (me!)calmly pointed to it! My brother got the frog out and we peacefully drove back home.

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I started to sense signs that I might be preggo but I’m 5-months postpartum and breastfeeding so it’s not like my period could let on to it. I went to the store for a preggo test and noticed a brand I don’t normally use had a box with two digital tests and a $2 off coupon so I picked up that one (mom logic) and took it the next morning for the most accurate reading. Positive! I made a same-day OBGYN appointment to find out how far along I might be and of course had to bring the 6-year-old and 5-month-old along, too. The OBGYN was delayed 40 mins but it was fine because I needed this appointment. When I saw her she couldn’t find anything so she said I was probably only 3-4 weeks along since tests can tell before an ultrasound. She gave me prenatal forms to fill out then sent me to have bloodwork done. Later that day when emptying my trash I took another look at the pregnancy test and decided to actually glance at the paper directions. OMG. The line that I read as Positive was actually a “control” area. Why is that there?! Apparently not all pregnancy tests are the same … and my test was actually negative. So embarrassing. I received medical emails about my new pregnancy and started my after pregnancy period the next day. I’m not the only one, though, apparently, you can feel pregnancy symptoms just before your first period returns! (See here.)

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I had just had my daughter and my mom was visiting to help , she might have been 2 days old , so I was exhausted! I was walking my mom out the door to say good bye when the visit was over, my mom was holding my baby, and instead of getting her back, I had told my mom good bye and walked back in the house. My mom knocked on the door and we both started laughing, since I forgot to get her back.

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It was a typical weekday. A typical chaotic morning full of prepping, packing and rushing. It would make a whole lot more sense to simply wake up earlier, but I am forever challenging myself to cram way too much into way too little time. So Leo and I hopped out of the car in the school parking lot, and as always, we began grabbing the massive amount of items we bring to our day. Except this day was different, because Leo’s backpack wasn’t waiting for him on the front seat of the car. Instant panic ran through my mind as I tried to remember where I could have left it behind. No backpack meant no daily journal, no blanket for quiet time, and most of all, no lunch or snack. I grabbed my phone and dialed my husband, ready to dish out my frustration and my guilt. He was amid the hour long Ava drop-off, so I felt terrible asking him to run home to grab it. But he did, without question and just a bit of a sigh. As if I hadn’t already dampened his morning, he called and simply said, “I looked everywhere babe. It’s not home and I’m seconds from missing my morning meeting. Text me.” At this point we were just out of luck. So I ran to the lunch room to set up Leo’s lunch number, as he had never even used it before. I collected every coin I could find to scrounge up enough money for his lunch since I never keep cash on me. As soon as I finished counting my pennies across the cafeteria table, suddenly guilt turned into embarrassment and I headed back out to the parking lot. I opened up the back door of my car, Leo’s door, the only door I hadn’t opened that morning, and there sat his backpack patiently waiting. All I could do was laugh, as this was going to be fun to explain to my husband. I dropped the backpack off at Leo’s classroom door, his teacher replied, “Thank goodness for dad!” And I just rolled with it. MOM FAIL.

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It’s just after 10am and the things I’ve said to my daughter today are things I can only look back and laugh at. Hope you enjoy!

1) “Hannah Stop trying to run over the dog!” Yup had to say that not once but twice. We got hannah a new toy that she can drive around the house but of course her only mission is to run over the dog.

2) “bananas don’t belong in your diaper”. Whats the fascination with sticking things down her diaper? I don’t think I’ll ever understand. But, I do hope this phase ends soon. I’ve found way to much food and various other things in there when I go to change her

3) “Hannah don’t stick your finger there, it might get stuck”. Did she listen…Nope..did her finger get stuck…yup… Did I almost have to use butter to unstick her finger..yup

4) “Hannah Elizabeth stop licking the dog!” Yup super gross I swear we feed her

5) “Please stop playing with the light switch” she’s finally tall enough to reach our stairway light switch so all day I just see the lights flicker. Of course I thought it was a circut problem or a ghost…Nope just a curious toddler having fun.

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Hope you enjoyed reading these funny and embarrassing moments In Motherhood. Remember, as mamas we are truly doing the best we can and I think sometimes we are harder on ourselves than we should be. Being a mom is hard, and probably the hardest job we’ll ever have, so let’s make this job fun and laugh at the silly moments. Stay tuned for my next Mom Fail Monday where I’ll share 5 more stories from mamas just like you, on December 4th. If you have something funny or embarrassing you want to share, e-mail me so you can be featured!

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