Must have travel items with three kids

Two blog posts in one day?! I feel that it was necessary that this post and my “travel tips” post be released together!

So traveling with three kids; Ages 5, 2.5 and 10 months old was quite the fiasco, but here are my must have items to make it much easier for everyone while at the airport and at the hotel.

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  1. Comfy clothes for the entire family:
    • For the Kids: I put the boys in black pants and these super cute shirts from Love Bubby that said “ Take me on Holiday”. Everyone was complimenting them on their cute fits! Plus it’s nice to keep them in matching outfits, it’s easier to spot them in case you get a wanderer! IMG_2274
    • For Mama: I wore a breastfeeding friendly top from Undercover Mama(link here), that was super comfy, Stylish and functional for both Joel and I. I paired it with my Adidas Superstars and some white jeans (yes, I’m brave, I wear white pants!)IMG_2276
    • For Daddy: Whatever outfit your husband is comfiest in, let him wear! My husband wore his go-to comfy outfit, jeans and a T-shirt with his Sperry’s boat shoes.
    • Tip: If you’re going somewhere cold, pack the jackets in the carry on so you’re able to easily access it once making it to the airport**

While at the airport:

  1. Joovy Twin Stroller: This was our saving grace while trying to maneuver through the airport. We were able to strap the younger 2 in, and peacefully walk to our gate. What’s great about it, its really light at 26lbs and folds slim. Last thing you want to deal with is a bulky stroller in a busy airport. But don’t let the slim design fool ya, this stroller is solid. It’s not like your typical umbrella stroller. It has storage underneath the stroller and the seats fully recline (most umbrella strollers don’t do either), has plenty of compartments, and 3 drink holders, and even has a carrying strap, so you can throw it over your shoulder for easy transportation. I do recommend getting a stroller gate check bag (link here), for when you gate check it. It will protect the stroller from any damage.
  2. Lille Baby- baby carrier: This was our second saving grace. While at the gate when my 10 month old started to get fussy, just sitting in his stroller, I put him in the baby carrier, and just walked around with him. Let him look out the window, to see the airplane, smile at all the other passengers waiting to board, and just get a break from sitting down. It was also very beneficial when we were getting off the airplane and didn’t have our stroller. It gave me 2 free hands, so I could help my husband get the car seat unstrapped, and the carry-ons off the plane.
  3. Lily Jade Diaper Bag: I did a post (link here) awhile back sharing what I keep in my diaper bag, and it shows more pics of the bag. But make sure you bring a good sturdy diaper bag that has tons of compartments, for baby food (TSA baby food regulations here), toys, and milk. What I love about the Lily Jade bag is that its versatile, the straps can go from a messager style, to a shoulder strap, to a backpack. Having those different options, especially when traveling helps out so much!
  4. Vera Bradley Backpack: They Don’t make the one I have anymore, but the one I linked is similar, and pretty much the same size. I liked bringing a separate bag just JUST my belongings because to me, it gave me peace of mind. All the kid’s stuff is in their backpack (see number 5), all the baby’s stuff is in the diaperbag, and my headphones, snacks, charger, breast pump etc, is in MY bag. So having a little purse/satchel/backpack for just your things is really helpful.
  5. Twelve Little Backpack (for the boys): If you have an older child (mine is 5) who can wear their own backpack, they will love that! They will feel special walking throught the airport with it too. In their bag I put all of their belongings, including 2 toys (1 each), snacks, headphones, coloring books, and crayons.
  6. Car seat carrier: This is what we used to get through the airport with an entire convertible car seat in tow. It has wheels on it which is great if you don’t want to back wear it! You and your spouse will probably feel ridiculous wearing it, but I promise you, you’ll run into at least one other parent with the same bag!

While on the plane:

  1. iPad: Load it with tons of TV shows and Movies that they love, and download some good games! I’m not the type of mom to put a screen to my child’s face for hours on end, but for traveling, I am 101% that mom. Anything to make it stress free for everyone!
  2. Headphones: No one wants to listen to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on repeat! Get them some kid friendly headphones ( I say kid friendly because it limits how loud you can make it, to save their ears). And if you have 2 kids sharing one ipad, get an AUX splitter, so they can both enjoy it!
  3. Snacks: Whatever they love to eat, pack it! just make sure they are in individual packaging for TSA purposes. We packed gammies, goldfish, granola bars, cookies, and lollipops (helps with the pressure in their ears)
  4. Car seat: For my toddler, he felt the most comfortable in his car seat. He is use to long car rides, so we made sure we brought his car seat for the plane ride. Plus we saved a little bit of money on the car seat rentals at Enterprise.

While at the hotel:

  1. DockATot: This is THE only bed Joel will sleep in at night. So we brought with us on the plane in it’s special protective DockATot traveling bag. It protected the DockATot from dirt or any rips or tears that can happen when being tossed with the rest of the cargo. Best part, we were able to gate check the DockATot! So it came with us up until we walked onto the plane, and when we got off, it was waiting for us with our stroller. For a full review of the DockATot, read my review here! And to save $10 on your own, click here
  2. Playpen (don’t pack it, but make sure you call the hotel and request one): Most or all big name hotels provide playpens and portable cribs.
  3. Comfort items: Any Blankies they are use to sleeping with, and any stuffed animals they love. We brought his lovie and Muslin Blanket from Jac&Jae Designs.
  4. Toys and busy activities: we brought crayons, coloring books, their favorite puppets from Cate & Levi, and teething toys Nuby.

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