My Favorite Sherwin Williams Off White Paints

Thank you Sherwin Williams for Sponsoring this post| All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine. 

If you’ve been following my family on Instagram for awhile, you may remember the Bonnaire House Evolution of Paint. We have painted our house walls a few times, but we finally found the perfect color that I’ll probably keep for awhile. When we first bought our house, it was painted a terrible beige color that we immediately painted over to Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige. Beautiful color, and it looked perfectly in our house and decor. Well then a year passed and I was over the paint in the bedrooms, and made a new project for my husband. I definitely wanted to go lighter in the bedrooms because the lighting in our house isn’t the greatest. So we went lighter (and i’ll share the exact color below)! Then another year passed and we renovated our house-removed the flooring and gutted our old kitchen and got my “dream kitchen”. After we thought I was done with everything, I realized that our new floors matched our walls *like our walls were the same exact color of the floors) and everything looked so dark.

So I proposed a new paint color to my husband, and I’m surprised he agreed and didn’t divorce me over ANOTHER PAINT JOB-haha totally kidding though! Our house looked really dark and we needed a brighter color to brighten our house up, and we definitely wanted to go with white. But not a true white, more of an off white that still looks white to the eye.

I’m the type of person who obsesses over things until it’s perfect. So before we settled on the perfect color, I researched so Many colors, looked up hashtags of the color so I can see real life pics of the paint. I spent hours on Pinterest trying to make my vision come to life. And that’s not it, I spent time in Sherwin Williams picking up swatches and looking at it in different lighting. This was a much bigger deal than it should’ve been, but my husband made it clear “this is the last paint job we’re doing while we live in this house” so I had to nail it!

In this post, I share tips for finding the perfect paint color, and I also share my favorite off-white paint colors.

Tips for finding the perfect paint color:

  1. Find your color through the Sherwin Williams ColorSnap ID: Their exclusive palettes have been thoughtfully curated to reflect your personality. The colors are perfectly coordinated, allowing you to mix and match with confidence. Simply choose the colors that move you and watch any room come together effortlessly.
    1. Free spirit: You create your own path. our wandering spirit can’t be contained, but it can be reflected in your personal space. You’re unique, daring and always excited by new possibilities. You won’t apologize for your individuality
    2. Trendsetter: You walk with confidence. You dress to impress and your home is no different. You’re always in style and never boring, prompting your friends to look to you for inspiration
    3. Naturalist: You let in the fresh air. You embrace the outdoors and want to help everything around you thrive. You find yourself most at peace when surrounded by nature, walking along a rugged trail or just sitting in the sun.
    4. Creative: You make it your own. You see possibilities that others can’t. Inventiveness and creativity are your talents. You believe things can be both cohesive and unique. To you, anything and everything is art.
    5. Minimalist: You find jot in the little things. You enjoy what life has to offer and appreciate beauty in all things. You look to your home as a place to decompress and truly be you. Uncluttered, undisturbed
    6. Enthusiast: You jump in with both feet.Your interests take you far and wide. You immerse yourself in everything you do in order to experience life to the fullest. You’re your own person, open-minded and forever busy trying new things.
    7. Nurturer: You bring people together. Your warm smile and compassionate nature define you. You care for people, and nothing is more important to you than making your friends and family feel at home.
    8. Dreamer:You take it all in. You don’t mind taking your time. In fact, you think everyone ought to breathe a little deeper. You go through life with a calm and optimistic spirit, because you know that each day is filled with possibility.
  2. Look up the paint colors on Instagram via hashtags: so this is great because you can see real life images of the potential paint color. So if you’re interested in Alabaster, look up the hashtag #SWAlabaster #AlabasterPaintColor #SherwinWilliamsAlabaster or if the color is snowbound, look up #SWSnowbound #SherwinWilliamsSnowbound and also when looking at pictures of the paint color, look at the rest of their feed. If their feed seems to have a general aesthetic (all the colors look the same) they may be using a filter or preset on their images.
  3. Use Pinterest: Pinterest is a great source for looking for the right color, you may have even found this article from Pinterest. But if you’re looking for a particular color, just search the keywords “Alabaster Sherwin Williams” and you’ll find everything!
  4. Pick up paint samples and ask for help in store: The Sherwin Williams associates are EXPERTS at helping you chose the right color. They’ll work with you and your exact needs. Make sure you take lots of samples home and put them up on different walls that are exposed to different lighting.
  5. Ask a painter: when we hired our painter for this most recent paint job, we told him the exact color we were interested in, and he gave us other options that are pretty similar. Painters are also experts, they do this for a living, so they know how some colors look on a swatch, but how they’ll actually look once painted on your walls. He was able to give us some awesome advice also when it came to the type of paint to get!

My favorite Sherwin Williams Off-White Paint:

Now When you look at the paint colors up there, you may think it looks really dark, and even if you pick up some swatches, you’ll think the same. But once you paint it on your walls, it actually looks white white. Of course I included different variances of the off-whites (some cooler, some warmer, some neutral) however, these images above look darker, and don’t let that scare you away. I’ll include some images of the Alabster and Oyster white below, so you can see that it’s not dark at all. 

  1. Alabaster White: Creamy White. This is what we painted our entire living area of our house!
  2. Oyster White: Darker than Alabaster, and its equally as creamy. This is what is in our bedrooms
  3. City Loft: Cool White
  4. Snowbound: Timeless White
  5. Greek Villa: Creamier White
  6. Drift of Mist: Cool White

Alabaster: This is 100% Unedited pictures. My house is pretty dark for the most part because we have trees surrounding it. However, I LOVE how this color looks still. These pictures make it look a little warmer than what it really is, but if it helps, my dog (in the right picture) is true white with brown ears and you can see the color comparison. Also the prints that I have above the couch is a grey/white color.

Oyster White: In my bedrooms. This is the color that broke the ice with off-whites for us. We absolutely love this color, but I don’t recommend it if you have lots of cooler tones in the room, as in greys, because it is creamy. Also these pictures below were taken when my house was relatively dark, so I’d say the color does well even in low lights.

I hope this post was super helpful when choosing the right Sherwin Williams Off White Paint color. I loonove the colors we have in our house, and I don’t think I’ll be changing it anytime soon!