The honest truth on being pregnant with 3 young kids

Being pregnant is hard. Being pregnant with one kid at home is harder. But being pregnant with multiples is ROUGH! I wish I was writing how beautiful everything has been, but I can’t. Baby girl is healthy and growing, so that’s number one what’s most important. But In this blog post I’m going to share the ugly truth about being pregnant while caring for 3 little ones at home (ages 5,2.5 and 17 months).

What y’all saw me post…(scroll down for the before shot)
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How I’m handling it all:

I am barely hanging on. I remember being pregnant with my 1st and being able to take naps whenever. I could wake up whenever, and I could make my doctor’s appointments for whatever time. It was simple, but so great. Even when I was pregnant with Elias, I managed pretty well. I only had one kid and he was a very well behaved 2 year old. It started to get tough when I was pregnant with Joel, but Renaldo’s old job; his work hours were a lot more flexible to where I had a ton of help. I worked nights still, and I was barely tired because he worked from home whenever I needed him to, so I honestly couldn’t complain. But this time around, I’m struggling. 4 days a week, I’m up before 8am to get RJ and Elias up and ready for preschool, breakfast made, lunches packed and then loading 3 kids in the car. I cant just carry Joel on my hip, I have to open the stroller up, load Joel and all the boys’ school stuff on the stroller and then drop them off. Come back home, entertain Joel, work on my blog, and then by the time I get a chance to even breathe it’s time to pick them back up and do the whole stroller and loading kids in the car thing again. When I have to work, I’m world’s grumpiest mom in the world because Renaldo can’t work from home whenever I need him.

And don’t even get me started on my emotions. I literally can’t control them, its pathetic. I see an emotional commercial, I cry. Renaldo says something or does something I don’t like, I cry. The boys’ give me a hard time, I cry. I’m just a big sensitive baby. It’s no joke, girls make you so much more hormonal.

Then my doctor’s appointments, It’s a circus every time I go. I was lucky and was able to get a few morning appointments on days 2 out of 3 of my boys’ are in school, but there has been a few appointments that ALL THREE of them come, and I’m quickly reminded why I don’t bring them.

Throughout all this craziness, I think to myself this is the last time I will EVER be pregnant. This chapter in my life is done. So as crazy as everything is, and how some days I want to bury myself in my bed for like 2 days straight, I remind myself…this is it. This is the last time. And in 4-5 months, I will miss all of this (or so I tell myself).

Reality. RJ not wanting to take a picture. Joel in LA-La land and Elias doing GOD knows what.

Next up, what do I think it’ll be like once she’s here:

In my head, I envision a tranquil home with a princess laying in bed with her mama as we transition to a family of 6. But I know it won’t be like that. Joel my middle child is VERY needy. He’s hungry all the time, he cries when he feels any type of negative emotion (hunger, tiredness, sleepiness, frustration) so it makes it very difficult for me to get anything done. My sink is sometimes over flowing with dishes, but he wont even let me out of his sight for 2 seconds so I can load the dishwasher. I’ll run to the restroom to relieve my incredibly weak prego bladder and he’s having a full blown meltdown because I closed the door. I walk to the mailbox to check the mail and he’s having a fit that I didn’t bring him with me. So needless to say I’m worried about her arrival because of Joel. I also felt this way before Joel was born because Elias was a difficult 1 year old. He loved to hit, he screamed any chance he could, he was extremely clingy to me and he was really jealous. But after Joel was born, Elias handled the change very well. He never got jealous of Joel, and he even helped me out when I needed a diaper or the wipes. What I love about their age difference is Elias will never remember his life without Joel. And I feel like that’s why Elias is not jealous at all!

So I’m hoping once Laila is born, Joel will be the same way. One is a difficult year for a baby, they’re very opinionated but can’t get the words out to voice their wants and needs and in return will scream, cry out just act out. I’m hopeful as he gets older he’ll develop a larger vocabulary to where he can voice is wants and needs.

So to answer my question, I think it’ll be chaos in the beginning. 2 under 2 is never easy in the beginning, and anyone who tells you it is, must have a magical nanny or they’re lying to you lol. But adjusting your life to a new baby whether it’s your first or your 5th is never easy. Your sleep changes (i dont know about you but I cannot survive off 3 hours of sleep, but somehow we all do it), your priorities change (because who needs to shower every day or every week during the first few months?!! Haha), and family outings to just the grocery store is an all day process (start getting ready 2 hours before your departure time, loading all the kids in the car takes like 748478374 minutes, getting there hoping you don’t have to pull over to feed a crying babe, getting all the kids in the store and playing Tetris with who’s going to sit where, and ending up with 2 shopping carts, trying to get your groceries by bribing them with cookies, surviving the checkout line, getting them all back in the car….and you know the rest). It’s exhausting. But us mamas are super women and God will never give us what we can’t handle.


What I’m doing to keep me sane:

Blogging. Writing is very therapeutic for me, so writing articles like this helps me. I also have a creative side to my brain that needs to be fulfilled, so drawing and painting would normally satisfy that but I find pleasure in taking pictures, and editing them (for Instagram and my blog). Also after we slam dunk the kids into bed, my husband and I have US time. I use to use that time to get more blog work done but I readjusted my schedule so I can 100% dedicate that for our marriage. We catch up on shows, we rent movies, or we have a nice quiet dinner with each other.


So anyways, that’s my ugly truth about this pregnancy. We are SO thankful to be carrying a healthy baby, and a GIRL! But just know this pregnancy is far from glamorous! lol

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