New Year’s Eve with Kids

This Post was sponsored by Domino’s® but as always, all opinions are 100% my own!

How many parent’s got a sitter and are going out New Year’s Eve? How many parent’s are staying in because you can’t get a sitter? (I’m raising my hand right now). Normally for New Year’s Eve we all go to my uncle’s house as a family and stay out till 4 am. We watch the ball drop, the kids play with sparklers, the kids end up falling asleep on one of my cousins’ beds, and we carry them to the car and when we get home we all pass out and sleep in till noon.

That’s always been our little tradition up until our 3rd child was born. He was the game changer, we requires a set amount of sleep every night. He must be in bed no later than 9pm (and that’s pushing it), or else he’s a hot crying mess. So instead of forcing him to stay up to party, we decided to stay home this year and have a Domino’s® pizza and pajama party to ring in the new year.

We have all of our lives to go out for New Year’s Eve, so in this season of 4 kids under age of 6, we are choosing to stay home and enjoy each other. But we cant just stay home and do nothing, we are going to do fun activities for the kids, and basically just let them go to sleep whenever they want (not making them stay up if they cant hang).

Things to do with kids on New Year’s Eve:

  • Watch a movie: We are going to do this after Joel goes down for the night. He’s not much a movie watcher anyways. So we will let the older two pick out what movie to watch.
  • Do a fun activity: Because this our first year doing this, I want to make sure its fun for all of us. So I’m totally taking this idea from another mom friend of mine, but she blew up 9 balloons, and each of them had a different hour written on it (6pm,7pm,8pm,9pm,all the way until 12am, and it read “12am 2018!!!”. It gives the boy a special job, and something to look forward to every hour. To add my own little twist to it, every hour after we pop the balloon, we are all going to say ONE thing we want to do in the new year (yep, I’m even going to ask my 2 year old).
  • Play board games: I got the kids some new board games for Christmas, so this is the perfect night to break in those new games!
  • Light up some sparklers: Growing up, this is one of my most favorite memories of New Year’s Eve, going outside with my cousins and writing our names with sparklers! Our neighbors go all out with fireworks so the kids will love watching that!
  • Eat pizza: Pizza is the ONE meal we all agree on, and Domino’s® is the only place we order from. So we will be putting in several orders of a few of our favorites pizzas so our last meal of 2018 will be a family favorite.

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We hope that this year our New Year’s Eve will be filled with smiles, laughter, and we will make memories for us to look back on! One New Year’s Eve, the kids will be grown doing their own thing, and Renaldo and I will look back and say “Remember when we had a pizza party because we couldn’t get a baby sitter? That was one of the best New Year’s ever!”

Hope you all have a wonderful and SAFE New Year’s

Thank you Domino’s® for sponsoring this post! Again, all opinions are 100% my own!


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