Laila’s 3 month update

AHHH, my baby girl is THREE months old. It’s been over 3 months of having this girl earth side with us. I know this is really cliche to say, but it goes by so fast. If you’re reading this because you also have a 3 month old, just know that these days go by SO fast. I remember with my first son, I looked forward to every new developmental milestone. It was like I was in a hurry for him to grow up, and now hes 6 years old and in kindergarten and tomorrow hes going off to college and buying his own house. So with Laila girl, I’m learning to live for today, and not rush anything

Age: 3 months

Weight: 14lbs as of 12/27!

Length: No clue! She has not had any doctor’s appointments this past month!

Size diaper: Size 2

Size clothes: She still fits in 3-6 months, but she is comfortably fitting 6-9 months in the belly area lol

Sleep: She is such a good sleeper. She falls asleep around 9pm, and doesn’t wake up until 4-5 in the morning. She then nurses and goes back to sleep until 9am!

Breastfeeding schedule?: She is still exclusively nursing (no bottle and no pacis)! She nurses every 2-3 hours during the day, and once at bedtime!

Milestones: She smiles a lot! She discovered her hands, but is still working on gaining control to put them to her mouth! She also is getting better at reaching and grabbing things! She also got her ears pierced  shortly after turning 2 months old!

What she loves: She loves being worn in her baby wrap, she also loves tummy time (none of the boys liked tummy time), and she also loves looking at her brothers play!

What she hates: She hates when the car stops moving. She hates pacifiers and bottles.

Favorites for this month: Baby Bling for sure! We are also loving any toy that makes noise. While she does tummy time, I like to shake a little rattle (like this one from Ryan and Rose) and it keeps her engaged while working on that neck control.

Bow is from Baby Bling bows

”Three” onesie is from Swanky Shank

Bracelet is from Poppy Lane & Co

Teether Rattle is front Ryan & Rose

Stuffed animal is from Cuddle + Kind


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Laila’s 2 month update

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