Ooma Butterfleye Review

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Is your life go go go? Do you love to travel? Do you have little ones at home that you like to check up on when you’re not with them? The answer to all three of those questions for me is YES YES and YES. Being a pretty busy family who spends a lot of time away from home, we wanted to make sure our home is always secure. We wanted to be able to check in on our house when we’re not around. We don’t live in a bad area, our crime rate is 77% lower than any other neighborhood in Florida, but I rather be safe than sorry.

Having a home security camera is also great for parents who work outside of the home. If you don’t know, I work 2 nights a week at a hospital so my husband is with them while I’m away, and I’m not going to lie…when I’m not around I have major FOMO. So to cure my fear of missing out, I check in on them whenever I miss them through the home security camera. My husband also does the same when he’s at work. So after looking into a million different options, even baby cameras, we felt that  Ooma Butterfleye was the best fit for our family and lifestyle.


Info about the Ooma Butterfleye

  • 24/7 Live stream- You can check in from anywhere in the world. I love this feature while we are out and about, and just want to make sure our home is okay!
  • Facial Recognition- You can customize alerts to family, friends, strangers and even pets. This feature is spot on! It knows exactly who everyone in our family is, after I programmed it.
  • Works during internet and power outages- comes equipped with built in storage and battery backup. Living in Florida, we have rough weather over the summer, so power outages is a common thing around here, so it’s good to know we can still check in our house during the worst of storms…including our dreaded hurricanes.
  • Instant Video capture- capture activity 5 seconds before a triggered event.
  • Automatic Arm/Disarm- based on GPS location
  • Talk and Listen- Hear what’s happening and speak up if something doesn’t look right.
  • Ooma Camera is compatible with Android, Apple and Apple Watch devices
  • Comes with 7 days of cloud storage- so worries about it taking up all your phone space
  • Connect up to 6 camera with unlimited users per account


Letting me know through my Apple Watch that my camera has been moved!


My honest Review

We love the Ooma Butterfleye so far. It’s been a little over a month and we literally utilize it every day. Aside from it being on and monitoring, we actually go into the app and check in. It was quick and easy to set up, and the app is easy to use. It’s accurate with the facial recognition, even when I have makeup on lol.

The ONLY thing I’d say I wish is different, which is totally fixable….I wish we had gotten it in black. The spot we have ours in is mostly black, and I feel like the black would’ve made it blend in more. But the white is definitely not ugly. It’s a beautiful device all around, and not an eyesore like some cameras. In the future whenever we decide to get another camera, we’ll move our white camera to the kitchen (everything is white there) and then get a black one to cover the spot where we have the white. But this camera is a beautiful add on to any space, whether its the foyer, hallway or kitchen. No one will even notice it’s a camera.

Quick story:

Last week we went to Target, and about 2 minutes into our drive our youngest started crying hysterically. We realized we left his pacifier at home. So we did what any desperate parent would do, and we turned around. We went back home, got it and started our trek back to target. We lollygagged in there for like 1.5 hours (I feel like that’s our minimum time spent in there) and drove back home. When we pulled into our driveway, to our surprise, our garage door was WIDE OPEN!

My husband asked if I opened it, and I was like “No, did you open it?”, neither of us had opened it, it was left open from when we went back to the house. Something must’ve been in front of the garage door sensors and it didn’t close all the way. At that point we were already turning out of our street and didn’t notice. Instantly I freaked out, like who was in our house? Was something taken? How would we know?! Then my husband reminded me we had the  Ooma Butterfleye, it would’ve alerted us if 1. Motion was detected (I have that feature on) and 2. If an unknown person was seen.

So I pulled my phone out, while we were still in the garage, and the last motion detected was when I frantically ran into the house looking for the pacifier 2 hours prior! Instantly my mind was at ease. We didn’t feel the need to check the house, to see if anything was missing, or if someone was hiding somewhere because where we have the camera positioned, you can see all entry points of our house.

So moral of that story:

Thank goodness we live where we live because HELLOOOO our garage door was wide open, anyone could’ve came in. And thank goodness for our Ooma Butterfleye. Because of that, I was able to walk into my house with peace of mind that our house wasn’t invaded.

If you’re debating on getting this camera and wondering if it’s worth it, I say 100% yes! I have peace of mind knowing that my house, my belongings and most importantly my children are safe at all times.

lol this was me taking pictures of the camera. But look how clear that picture is!

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