How to Stop the morning Chaos with kids

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This post was sponsored by Stonyfield® Organic Kids®| but as always all opinions are 100% my own. Or else I wouldn’t be giving it to my children.

Who can say that their morning routine can be a bit crazy at times? Who can say that making breakfast for multiple children with different preferences can be a challenge? Well I definitely can!

Over the summer, the kids would sleep in until 9:30am, and we would just slowly make our way into breakfast, and officially start our day by 11am. It was great. One thing I was not looking forward to with back to school time, was the new earlier wake time for all of us, the morning chaos because we’re pressed for time, and just dealing with three different kids who don’t always want to eat the same thing everyday.


So I told myself, this year our mornings will not be chaotic! Even though I’m 8 months pregnant the start of this school year, and have 3 little ones ages 5 and under, that wasn’t going to determine how our mornings will go.

Here are some tips, on how you too can have a chaos free morning!

  1. Put the kids to bed early: It’s going to be near impossible to wake your kiddos up early, if they’re tired. So putting to them bed at a reasonable time is the best way to ensure a smooth start to your day.
  2. Parents, go to bed early as well: now I’m not saying to go to bed the same time as them because to be completely honest, I love my evening me-time or that special one on one t­­­ime with my husband. But going to bed to get your 6,7, or 8 hours of required sleep to be a functional adult the next day is key!
  3. Prep for the next day: Pack their lunches the night before. Get their clothes out for the next day. Make sure their backpacks are put together, and all homework is completed. Clean up the house! I love cleaning up before bed because I wake up in a much better mood when my sink is clear, the dishwasher is ran and I’m not tripping over toys. Head to my instagram highlights labeled “LUNCH IDEAS” to see what I pack daily for the kids.
  4. Wake up early enough to get yourself together: This was something I never did. Last school year, I’d wake up just minutes before they did and I’d be rushing to get them ready, get myself ready and get out the door with all of our shoes on. But this year, I’ve started waking up 30 minutes before them so I have time to drink my coffee, put some makeup on, get dressed and heat up Elias’ and Joel’s breakfast. I explain RJ’s breakfast a little further down.
  5. Get the kids up in good spirits: No one likes to be woken up by someone rushing them. Because I’m dressed and ready, I’m able to wake them up in a happy mood, so they start their mornings happy as well.
  6. Have pre-prepped breakfast for the kids: RJ is at an age to where he wants to do things on his own, because he’s in kindergarten “and that’s what Kindergarteners do” says RJ. So every Sunday, I prep his breakfast for the week so in the mornings after his morning shower, he goes to the fridge and grabs his breakfast. It includes Stonyfield® Organic Kids® yogurt, banana and dry cereal of some sort. Some days he wants milk with his cereal, so he will just empty the bag into a bowl and I’ll pour some milk into it. Believe it or not, but having his breakfast pre-made shaves off about 10 minutes of my morning routine. And if we are running late, I know that he can also eat it in the car. So far we haven’t had to do that! (Read more about Stonyfield® Organic Kids® below). As for the younger two, they are pretty stuck on their routine, and eat VERY VERY slowly, so they eat their premade and reheated breakfast while RJ takes his morning shower.
  7. Set alarms on your phone: I set alarms for everything. 1 is for waking up obviously. 2 is for waking the kids up 3 is for when they should be done eating breakfast by. 4 is for when we should be getting into the car! Having alarms keeps me on track because I never lose track of time.

We love Stonyfield Organic Kids Pouches because with only 9 grams of sugar, they have 25% less sugar than the leading kids’ yogurt. They have fun and yummy flavors for even the pickiest eaters. I get all three of my boys to eat spinach, because their favorite flavor has spinach in it! Win win! They have no toxic persistent pesticides, artificial growth hormones, or antibiotics. And no artificial flavors or colors. That’s something Stonyfield® Organic Kids® proudly stands behind!

Fun tip: if you’re eating on the go, or packing for lunch, put in the freezer the night before. With a re-sealable lid, it’s the PERFECT snack item for on the go!

Thank you Stonyfield® Organic Kids® for sponsoring this post!

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