Our Family Room Facelift


So as many of you all know, this past March we renovated our house. The renovations included brand new kitchen (white shaker cabinets, quartz countertops, new appliances) and new Wood tile floors laid all throughout!

So along with our kitchen Reno, we thought we would give our family room a little facelife. Our kitchen opens up to our family room. And what I mean by facelift is; new base boards (that we sill haven’t picked out yet!) and all new decor. We have a fairly new couch that we purchased 2 or so years ago, and we were so infatuated with it and didn’t do any research on the material. Come to find out, it’s not real leather, it’s bonded leather, aka pleather. So the couch is peeling, there are flakes of pleather everywhere. So upsetting.

So anyways, we are actually in the middle of a lawsuit with the manufacturers of our couch to get reimbursed because Kanes Furniture will not do ANYTHING about it, its really upsetting because all the other major furniture stores that sold bonded leather, reimbursed their customers immediately and Kane’s wont do anything. Soooooooo moral of this little rant is, we’re getting a new couch, and NOT from Kane’s Furniture.

This particular couch in my design plan is the same model as the one we picked out, but not the exact color nor material. Ours is a woven material and a bit more beige, so it’s greige. We couldn’t find an actual footage online of it because it’s an in store only item. Anyways it’s from American Signature Furniture. We’ve been to multiple furniture places and couldn’t quite find the one, and when we went into American Signature Furniture, we saw it and knew this was it. I mean we literally laid on it for like 20 minutes. I nursed Joel on it and everything hahah, our sales guy was probably like ???<br
the look we’re going for, is obviously very neutral tones. Grey, beige, black and white. Wood paneling on our TV wall as an accent wall. We've already collected wood pallets, just need to sand and stain them. I'm thinking I may want to bring the wood pallets onto the knee wall below our kitchen peninsula, but I'm not sure yet.

The horizontal bookcase will go under our TV. We already have that bookcase in our dining room (as a sideboard) , but we're purchasing another one for the family room. What we love about that sideboard is the depth of it. It's literally only 15 inches deep, so it doesn't take up any space. Within that bookcase, I plan on getting cute baskets to stash some of the kid’s toys in!

And to lighten up the space a bit since a lot of the major furniture are dark, will be lighter throw pillows and a lighter throw blanket. The rug on the floor will probably not be the exact one I put in my design plan, but the look we're going for is something light but with dark elements in it, to tie the whole room together.

I wish, I liked color and could have a fun accent wall, but I'm boring and like neutral tones. Maybe for Christmas ill throw in a forest green pillow on the couch lol.

If you want to know where everything is from, or have a question about a particular item in my collage, just comment below!

or if you think I should add or change something, comment below. I’d LOVE to hear your thought!

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