Decorating your home on a budget

April of 2017 my husband and I started renovating our home. We pulled all the tile out of our home. We completely gutted our kitchen, removed soffit and put it all back together again. Well, slowly but surly we are putting our home back together again. It’s nowhere near complete but I’m so happy with how far we’ve come. My husband and I are all about good deals. We don’t like paying full price on things unless we feel it’s an absolute necessity. Our home will look half done for months, before we drop a load of cash on furniture because we want it done RIGHT AWAY. I love decorating but I’m also very indecisive. I like to make design plans, with different pieces from different stores that I like. We look back at the design plan every few weeks to make sure we still like it. And if were casually browsing through target or home goods and see something from my design plan and it’s a reasonable price, or better yet ON SALE…we’ll snag it.

A lot of times, you hear people say “It’s so expensive to furnish a home” or “we cant afford to renovate”. In this post I’m going to share some tips on how to save money while decorating your home. And I will also share some of my cheap finds (family room only). There will be a separate post on how to renovate on a budget, so stay tuned (aka follow my blog, or subscribe via email)

Tips for Decorating on a budget:

  1. Bargain Hunt: Your entire house doesn’t need to look like the cover of Home and Garden Magazine tomorrow. Don’t just settle for ONE look from ONE furniture store, and settle on the package deal. It’s very cookie cutter, and ultimately not you. Your home is a reflection of you and your husband, take the time to search for items.
    • I like to look at Target’s end caps where they put all the home stuff on clearance.
    • Furniture outlets have beautiful home décor pieces as well. I’d never buy my actual furniture from there, but you can snag an awesome deal on lamps, vases and baskets
  2. When Buying large furniture, pick up the item yourself: My husband and I saved over $150 on our couch, because we decided to pick it up our selves. We went to Home Depot, rented the van for $19 an hour (total of 2 hours we had it for) and went to the furniture store and had it loaded in. It’s more work on your end (unloading it, fitting it in through your door way, unwrapping it) but you save SO MUCH money!
  3. Don’t be afraid to hit up craigslist/offerup/facebook market place: You can find some legit stuff on there! I’ve never purchased on their, but I’ve sold some really good things on there. Things I recommend getting from there (if you don’t mind used) are…
    1. Bar stools
    2. end tables
    3. coffee tables
    4. TV Stands
    5. book shelf
    6. entry table
    7. dining room table
    8. dining room chairs
    9. basically anything that’s NOT fabric. I have a weird fear of bed bugs living in fabric lol
  4. Wait for holiday Sales: Big furniture stores ALWAYS have sales for ALL the holidays (memorial day, labor day, black Friday, presidents day, 4th of July), so if you’re going to purchase from a big name furniture store make sure you do it around a random holiday. Target is also known for this, but before/after the holidays (Christmas) they’ll have amazing home sales. Like 30% off all lamps, or 20% off Threshold Brand items. And if you have a target Red Card you will save an additional 5%.
  5. If you replace an item, sell the old one: Whenever I buy something new, I’ll sell the old one and whatever I made from it, I deduct that from the total price of the new item. It makes me feel like I’m saving! Don’t try to hold onto it “just in case”, because that’s how junk is accumulated.

Some of my favorite Family room items that we have right now:

  1. My TV stand:It’s not really a TV stand, its actually a “cabinet”. On their site it’s listed for $152 ON SALE, but when I purchased it, we got it for $96. Target was having a sale for 20% off all Windham line items, I had a 30% off anything coupon that I got black Friday, and then I saved an additional %5 for using my red card. It was ordered online, because I used my red card I got free shipping!
  2. My Sectional: We got this sectional from American Signature. We knew for the longest this was the couch we wanted! So when we finally had enough of our crappy pleather couch from Kanes, we bit the bullet and bought this couch. We went black Friday weekend and saved 20%! We picked it up our self so that was another $150 saving!
  3. My rug: So I’m a total sucker for a GOOD RUG, I feel like it completes the room. It ties everything together. Well buying a rug is hard, when you have kids. Well buying it is the easy part, maintaining it with 3 little ones is the hard part. We have wood tile all throughout our house, so its great for spills, but not great for falls. We kept putting off getting a rug because all the ones we liked were white and WHO BUYS A WHITE RUG WITH KIDS?! (Yes caps was necessary). It wasn’t until we found THE ONE. Lorena Canals makes WASHABLE rugs. You read that right, washable rugs. Kids spill some apple juice or some jelly drips out of their PBJ, throw it in the washer! Starting to look not-so white because of constant traffic, throw it in the washer! Husband spits red wine out because he cant hold his laugh in, throw it in the washer! (My husband really did spit his red wine out on DAY 2 of owning the rug SMH).

The rug came super fast, and awaited me at my door step. It came wrapped in a nice plastic bag. Once taken out, it was spread out on my family room floor within seconds, and my kids shortly began rolling around on it! It’s perfect for a adult space, or kid play space, in our case…the family room. I love the details and the braided tassels. The rug is all natural , handmade, eco and contain no VOCs like most carpeting and rugs. The rug is a 4.8X6.7 so almost a 5×7 and it honestly fits the space perfectly. I feel that anything bigger than that would’ve just swallowed the room. In the beginning of this post, I mentioned that there are only a few things I’d pay full price for, and a washable rug with three boys is one of them.

The rug’s first Elias Meltdown

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This post was sponsored by Lorena Canals Rugs| But all opinions are 100% my own, or else we wouldn’t be using the rug still.

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