Our Family Staycation at Orlando Embassy Suites- Lake Buena Vista

Being a family of Five now, sometimes it’s pretty hard to get away from the hustle and bustle. Everyday our routine is, wake up-breakfast time-playtime-lunch time-nap time-snack time-learning time-gym time-TV time-dinner time-bath time-bed time-and REPEAT. Some days I’m bold and throw in Doctor appointments, Play dates, or even worse…GROCERY SHOPPING. So needless to say, as a family, we needed a break from the normal summer time routine.

My husband is really good at planning getaways. He’ll pull up 5-10 hotels, show them to me and together we read reviews, look at pictures, and check rates. We were down to 3 hotels all within the Lake Buena Vista Area (Orlando FL, AKA Disney World area) and finally we settled on Embassy Suites of Lake Buena Vista

What Helped us with this decision was…

  • More than 45 minutes away from home (far enough to be a getaway, but close enough in case something were to happen)
  • The pool at the hotel looked really cool. It has a kiddie park, with a slide and all.
  • The rooms at the Embassy Suites are huge. Each suite(get it-Embassy SUITES) has a seperate living area, bedroom, and one bathroom with an extra sink in the bedroom.
  • Free Breakfast buffet
  • Free Finger foods, and cocktails from 5p-7p everyday!
  • Offer shuttles to the Disney Parks
  • Less than 10 minutes away from all the Tourist spots!

Being a family of Five, it’s not cheap anymore to travel anywhere, so staying local was our best option. Also feeding 5 hungry mouths breakfast away from home is also not very cheap, so having breakfast included is a big deal for us, and COMFORTABLY holding 5 people and 3 of which are kids is also hard. With normal studio style hotels, We would not be able to stay in a normal room, we’d have to get 2 rooms, and that would double the price of everything. Staying in a hotel with standard suites is a must have. We only pay for one room, and we all sleep comfortably. My husband and I are able to stay up at night, watching TV or just talking without worrying about waking the kiddos up, because they are sound asleep in the living room. That’s one of the many perks of Staying at Embassy Suites Orlando.


Upon arriving at the hotel, we were greeted by the Valet guy. He said we could either Self park or use the Valet Services. The parking lot at the hotel is not monstrous, nor is it far from the property, so we decided to self park. The valet guy said we could keep our car out there while we check in, so we wouldn’t have to worry about lugging all the kids and luggage from the parking lot to the hotel.  When we walked in to the hotel, we were all WOWed at how big and beautiful it was. Once we made it to the desk, my husband gave our names, and as I was looking around, I saw a sign that had our names on it and I was like “THAT’S US!!!”. We were chosen to be the Guests of the day! With being the guests of the day, we got some extra Hilton points, and our room keys were already ready!


They let the kiddos pick out some goodies from the treasure chest, and the boys LOVED that.

After we had our amazing greeting from the hotel staff, we were on our way to our room. Our room was 357, which was a pool lanai suite, which was a sweet surprise. Once arriving into our room, we were amazed at how large our room was, and cookies awaited our boys. Also they had a playpen for Joel already set up in the bedroom. We did need one more playpen for Elias (we dont trust him on a bed yet) and I called at like 4:05pm for an extra playpen, and at 4:10pm, I heard a knock on the door and I had no clue who it was because I was not expecting the delivery of the playpen so soon! I was very impressed.


We made sure we had the suite with a king size bed. Our husband and I currently own a queen, so its not everyday we get to sleep like Kings.


As you can see, Our boys wasted no time making themselves feel at home. We brought Joel’s DockATot from home, so we could put it inside his playpen, to make him feel more at home.

From our bedroom window, you could clearly see the Outlet Mall. If you know my husband and his obsession with that outlet mall, you’d know how happy he was, that that was out view.


As 5pm approached us, this mama pumped 2 bottles of milk so I could enjoy the Hotel’s complimentary cocktail hour. I still can’t believe its all you can snack and drink, all included within the hotel price. There was an array of snack foods for the adults, and they didn’t forget about the kids, there were finger foods for the kiddos as well. The drinks that you were able to chose from were Sodas from the fountain, Mixed drinks, Beer (budweiser and Miller light), Sangria and Long Island Iced Tea from the bar. I went for just beer because i’m not a liquor person.




From 6-7pm, They bring out a cotton candy machine and all the kids can get cotton candy for free. I wasnt able to get a pic because my kids practically inhaled it haha.

While we were sitting down enjoying our drinks and snacks, A member of the Embassy Suites staff came up to my husband and I and said “Are you all enjoying everything Bonnaire Family?”, My husband was like “how do you know our name?” and she said “of course we all know the guests of the day”. UMMMM, we felt like celebrities at that moment haha. They seriously have the best customer service EVER! After greeting us, she then proceeded to check on all the other guests, which I really liked, because it shows they care about their visitors.

While my husband and I enjoyed our drinks with our family (his sister and her family also booked a room), the kids played at the kid center.


After the cocktail hour, we decided to take the kiddos to the pool to burn off some more energy, so they could pass out that night haha. The pool at the hotel is HUGE! It’s part indoors, part outdoors, with a separate kiddie park. Here are some pics of them in the pool from that night and the next couple days.


That night for dinner, we were so burnt out, we just didn’t feel like going out to eat. We ordered pizza from the grill downstairs in the lobby, and HANDS DOWN best pizza I’ve had in a long time. The same staff member that greeted us during cocktail hour recommend the pizza to us. We went for it and ordered, it was so good. We ordered a LARGE meat lovers pizza for like $16 and we all ate from it, except picky Elias. My husband ended up ordering Macaroni and Cheese and Fruit at the same grill, and my husband was amazed at how cheesy and good the Macaroni and Cheese was. That night while we were eating dinner, we sat on our patio and enjoyed the Movie Moana. The hotel has a huge screen, that they screen movies every night that you can watch from your lanai, or from the pool.


The next day, we went to the pool in the morning. RJ my oldest, ran up to my husband and I and said “this is sooo much fun!!”. At that moment we decided, hey we work too hard, to not enjoy our money, we are off of work for another 2 days, let’s stay one more night!

My husband went ahead and booked one more night! The boys were so excited. We originally only packed for one night, so we embarked on the 45 minute trek back home and got some more of our belongings. We made it back to the hotel in time to enjoy the Hotel’s cocktail hour. After the cocktail hour, we got dressed and decided to explore the Disney Area. We have annual passes, but decided to just hit up Disney Springs for the evening.


Disney Springs(formally Downtown Disney) is an outdoor entertainment area. They have stuff for everyone. You can shop, dine and have fun. Whenever we go, we love listening to the live music. We love to shop around, especially at ZARA. We take the Kid’s to the T-Rex Café, not to eat, but to dig up dino bones. If we let them, RJ and Elias can stay and play there for hours. Also, we love taking the kids to the The Lego Store so they can build and play with the legos. And recently at this trip, we discovered a toy store called Once Upon A Toy where you can build your own Mr.Potato head. We found the store because while we were walking around, out of nowhere it started to pour down rain, so we ran to the closest store we could find, and it was Once Upon A Toy. Right when we walked in RJ, Elias and their cousins went straight to the build your own Mr.Potato head station. We spent about an hour in the store waiting for the rain to pass, because of course we didn’t bring umbrellas (which is a must have here in Florida, no matter what time of day) and we just couldn’t come around to spending $12 on a poncho. So because of the crappy weather, we were able to find this hidden gem of a store.

  • Also at Disney Springs, they have a carrousel, and train ride that the kids can go on. It’s a must do thing for the kids. I don’t know why going in a circle for 1 minute is so much fun for kids, but they love it!
  • Another must thing to do while at Disney Springs is the famous pink cupcake ATM. Unfortunately it was raining, and it was dark, so we were not able to snap a selfie.
  • If you’re up for it, you can also strike out in bowling at Splitsville Lanes. My husband and I have yet to bowl there, but it looks like so much fun! Maybe next time!
  • Or if you want to kick back and relax, you can enjoy a movie at AMC Theaters. I heard it’s a dine in theater, so you can kill 2 birds with one stone! My husband and I haven’t been to the movie theater since having kids. Maybe one day we will treat ourselves.

For a full list of things to at Disney Springs Click Here and for a full list of events and activities going on at Disney Springs, Click Here.

A few other attractions in the area include…

A few FREE things to do in the area include…

Some Yummy Places to eat at include…

Here is a saved video of my Instagram Story from my stay! Within this video, you can see the living area of our suite. The sofa in the living room converts to a queen size bed, and there was also plenty room for Elias’ playpen (it was tucked in a corner). I forgot to snap pictures of the living area.

Overall, we had a great Staycation at the Embassy Suites of Lake Buena Vista. It’s now one of our favorite resorts, and because of this amazing experience, we will only be staying at Embassy Suites Hotels for any future travels. Our family definitely needs to do things like this more often, because kids remember fun things you do with them, not the things you buy them. And still to this day, RJ is asking when we are going back.

If you’re researching hotels to stay at in the Orlando Area, I’d highly recommend The Embassy Suites of Lake Buena Vista.

Here are some more pics of our babies during our staycation.

the good life. King size bed, and chicken nuggets. All is well with Elias.

The sun drained him!

Elias was not having it. His oatmeal wasn’t ready yet hahah. You know he doesn’t play about his breakfast!

This post wasn’t even sponsored, we just had an AMAZING experience!

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