Someone and Something

This morning, something woke me up, Something told me to check on my son as he lays his imagination filled head on his pillow, something told me to get back into bed and cuddle with my husband and something told me to pray. 

Before I got on Instagram, Facebook or WordPress to snoop, something told me to turn to my bible (bible app) and just read. I opened the app and it had a list of recommended devotionals and the one I chose was “Patience: God’s wisdom for Moms” as I read it I began to cry because I felt that someone was speaking to me and opening my eyes to my own flaws. Sometimes we as women get frustrated when the house is out of order, a due date for a bill slipped your mind, things don’t go according to plan, or things just don’t happen on our time and we lose patience with the ones we love. Yesterday I lost patience with my husband and acted in a way I shouldn’t have. Shortly after I had feelings of regret, and sadness. 

As I lay in my bed and read my devotional I know that something woke me up, something told me to start this devotional, something told me its all okay, something told me to ask for forgiveness, something told me to live in restoration. 

I know that something and someone is God.

Even during the toughest times, stickiest situations or most frustrating mishaps try to think before you speak, pray before you feel the urge to go off on somebody and remember silence is golden.

Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues. PROVERBS 17:28

Xo- Mommy B

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