Three weeks of Lunches for preschooler

It’s been a little while since I’ve shared a lunchbox post. After dealing with the hurricanes and having to toss literally everything in my refrigerator and eating all of our non-perishables aka the kid’s school snacks, we had to rebuild our fridge and our snack stash.

Over the course of 3 weeks, I took pictures of their meals, and some days I put in 101% and other days, I didn’t even feel like washing their lunch containers (hence why one of the days I’m using a different lunch container haha). Also, for these 3 weeks, you’ll notice more towards the end, I got kind of lazy and made more sandwiches than I like, but you know what? My kids LOVE sandwiches and can eat it everyday. As much as I love the idea of packing them a hot lunch, they eat HOT oatmeal for breakfast, and HOT dinner every night. Having something cold, for at least one meal a day wont hurt!

Week 1-3: RJ’s meals (my garbage disposal 4 year old)

September 21, 2017RJ 9/21Nutella and Jelly Sandwich-Rice Pudding-Grapes-Carrots/Ranch-Maria Cookies



September 22, 2017img_8262BlueberryMuffin-Yogurt-Mandarin Oranges-Carrots/Ranch-Granola Bar



September 26, 2017img_8400Bagel/Cream Cheese-Rice Pudding-Strawberries-Granola Bar-Raisins-Goldfish



September 27, 2017RJ 9/27Cookie Butter and Jelly Pinwheels-Yogurt-Banana-Carrots/Ranch-Goldfish



September 28, 2017RJ-9/28Crackers/Nutella-Maria Cookies-Applesauce-Carrots/Ranch-Goldfish



September 29, 2017img_0090Bagel/Cream Cheese-Applesauce-Pineapple and Blackberries-Granola-Bunny Grahams



October 3, 2017RJ 10/3Turkey and Cheese Sandwich-Cheese Sticks-Banana-Carrots/Ranch-Goldfish



October 4, 2017RJ 10/4Crackers/Nutella-Boiled Egg- Pineapple Applesauce-Carrots/Ranch-Chips



October 5, 2017img_0312Turkey and Cheese Sandwich-Carrots/Ranch-Bunny Grahams-Cheese Sticks-Banana



October 6, 2017img_0319Cookie Butter and Jelly Pinwheels-Yogurt-Banana-Carrots/Ranch-Granola



October 10, 2017RJ 10/10Turkey and Cheese roll ups-Chobani Yogurt Tube-Grapes-Carrots/Ranch-Goldfish



October 11, 2017RJ 10/11Banana/Nutella and Jelly Sandwich-Chobani Greek Yogurt-Grapes-Granola Bar-Popcorn



October 12, 2017RJ 10/12Turkey/Tomato and Cheese Sandwich-Pineapple Applesauce-OatsnHoney Granola-Goldfish



October 13, 2017RJ 10/13Nutella/Banana Pinwheel-Chobani Yogurt-Strawberries and Blueberries-Granola-Goldfish

Week 1-3: Elias’ meals (my PICKY 2 year old)


September 26, 2017Elias-9/26Crackers-Shredded Cheese-Goldfish-Strawberries-Yogurt



September 28, 2017Elias-9/28PBJ sandwich-Strawberries-Granola-Shredded Cheese-Goldfish-Applesauce



October 3, 2017Elias-10/3Crackers-Cheese sticks-Banana-Applesauce-Goldfish



October 5, 2017img_0311PBJ Sandwich-Bunny Grahams-Cheese Sticks-Banana-Granola Bar



October 10, 2017Elias 10/10PBJ Squares-Yogurt-Grapes-Granola Bar-Goldfish



October 12, 2017Elias 10/12Same as day before, because when  you have a picky toddler, you feed them anyting they will guarantee eat!

Custom Lunch Containers were provided by StuckonYou

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