Tips for Surviving Disney when Pregnant

What else would a prego do at Disney World besides eat all the yummy things?!?!

Living in the suburbs of Orlando, Florida I’ve had the honor to grow up in the happiest place in the world. Growing up I was a passholder, and now as a parent we are all passholders. Going to Disney World is definitely something we enjoy doing as a family (not because we pay an arm and a leg for it monthly) but because we honestly love going. If you’ve been following my blog, you should know that this is my 4th pregnancy and with all 4 pregnancies I’ve done Disney World with a waddle (pregnant). Going to Disney World pregnant is lots of fun, and a great way to get your steps in. So if you’re considering going to The Most Magical Place in the World with one on board, please read my tips!

Tips for surviving Disney when pregnant:

  1. Talk to your doctor first: In the beginning I made sure I told my doctor everything, but after seeing the same OB she kind of just knows how my pregnancies are and how active I am in general, so Disney World is never an issue. But I urge you to speak with your Doctor, because they know what’s best for the health of you and your baby. 2 years ago ZIKA was a real thing in south Florida, and posed threats for pregnant women in Orlando. So that was the one time my doctor advised me to not go to Disney world anymore. So lucky thing I asked her!
  2. Wear something comfortable: By comfortable, I mean from head to toe. Make sure your clothing is appropriate for the weather! And also make sure your shoes of choice is something with support and ready to take on the MILES you will walk in one single day. Yes I said miles! I read somewhere that the average tourist gets between 6-10 miles in ONE Disney day.
  3. Bring lots of water: STAY HYDRATED!! You already have to drink lots of water during your pregnancy so make sure you don’t skimp on your water intake, because you’re having fun. Dehydration in pregnancy has some serious effects, and one of which is premature contractions (happened to me at 29 weeks with RJ). So make sure you bring lots of water.
  4. Keep Cool: Don’t let yourself overheat. When you let your body overheat, you are putting your sweet little growing babe at risk as well. Ways to keep cool at Disney include..
    1. Bring a rag that you are able to put water on and place on your neck when you feel hot
    2. Go in random gift shops
    3. Buy ice cream, or a popsicle from one of their food stands.
    4. Bring a mini fan
    5. Wait in shaded/indoor lines (It’s a small world, Winnie The Pooh, Buzzlight year, Monsters inc)
    6. If you’re at Epcot, go to the Club Cool. It’s name is pretty self explanatory. You can sample (FREE) sodas from all over the world and cool down.
  5. Take Breaks: Sounds impossible to say because c’mon it’s Disney World, but there are plenty of ways to take a break.
    1. Have a nice long lunch indoors: This one is my favorite! I get to refuel, and cool down.
    2. Sit on a bench and people watch: I love watching the people of Disney world (Creeper over here)
    3. If you’re at Magic Kingdom: Do the “People Movers” ride. Its in the middle of Tomorrowland below the Astro Orbiter. Whenever we go on this, we got for AT LEAST 5 laps. Almost every time, one of the kids fall asleep. Just ask the ride attendant at the end of the ride, if you can go on again, she’ll 99.9% say yes. And you wont have to get off.
  6. Bring healthy snacks: Try to stay consistent with your healthy eating. Bring lots of healthy protein packed snacks to keep you fueled up! Some healthy snacks include…
    1. Peanuts/Trail mix
    2. Granola Bar
    3. Fruit (banana, avocado, berries, apples)
    4. Anything peanut butter
  7. Watch for swelling: Funny story; When I was pregnant with RJ, I had the perfect pregnancy. No swelling EVER…until I went to Disney World. My legs turned into elephant trunks. But please watch for swelling, not only in your legs but in your hands as well. Don’t wear your rings (especially if it’s already a tight fit). Watch your salt in take, because that can also aid in swelling. Whenever you make it home or back to the hotel, elevate your feet to bring down the swelling!
  8. Know what rides you can and can’t go on: This is important. Cast members (Disney employees) wont ever stop you to ask if you’re pregnant (because duh, that’s rude) so make sure you read the signs outside the ride before you go. CLICK HERE for the ultimate ride guide for Disney World letting you know what rides are safe and which ones are not.
  9. Listen to your body: If you feel tired, but your kids are ready for the next ride…Tell them you feel tired and need to take a break. Your health and your baby’s health is more important. Don’t over work yourself.
  10. Take lots of pictures and ENJOY: Document your belly at the most magical place in the world. And enjoy it all because this will be THE last time you will go kid-less or with one less kid to manage lol. Here are some pictures of me throughout the years with 4 different pregnancies.

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