Toddler Bed !

Our sweet little toddler is growing up, and it seems like he’s hitting some MAJOR milestones all within one month ( actually most of them within one week )

RJ loves his crib. He has never tried to climb out of it, never put up a fight to go in it at night (naps are a different story) so we never felt the need to move him into a toddler bed. Even with a new baby on the way we figured the baby would sleep in mine and my husband’s room in a bassinet/co-sleeper for the first 5 months anyways, so there really was no rush to evict him from his bed. Until one night a few weeks ago we went in his room to check on him while he was sleeping and this was how we found him.

IMG_1979 IMG_1978

Of course I took a quick picture first, but imagine if Renaldo and I never went to check on him before we crawled into bed for the night and he were to try and turn over ?…he could seriously injure his little legs. We have a mesh breathable bumper, but when you have a curious/smart two year old those bumbers serve little to no purpose. He likes to pull the bumper all the way down to the point that it’s stuck between the mattress and the crib rails (As pictured above)

So at that moment we knew our little 3 foor 1 inch, 31 pound, 2 and a half year old was out growing his bed. On average, once or twice a week we find him sleeping with some limb(s) hanging out of the his crib rails. We knew okay, we can’t wait any longer…lets go to IKEA and let him explore the children’s bed area and get him comfortable with the idea of a new bed.

SIDENOTE (before I forget to type it later)

Our plan is to have RJ sleep in his toddler bed at night, and during nap time still sleep in the crib probably up until the baby comes. Once the baby arrives, he (the baby) won’t be sleeping in the crib anyways for at least another 5 months so RJ wont feel like he got booted out his crib for the baby. But once we feel that he has enough discipline to stay in his bed during naptime then we will start having him sleep in his toddler bed for naptime.

Anyways, we went to IKEA 2/28 with hopes of buying and leaving with his bed and setting it up that same night. We found the perfect bed, It’s the SUNDVIK extendable bed. It grows from a todder bed (A WIDE toddler bed) to a regular size twin size bed. We bought the sheets  that acommodate each bed size, his new comforter, and new extendable mattress but once we made it down to the warehouse to get his bed they were out of stock on the color wood we wanted !!! GRRRRR. When they looked in the computer they couldn’t give us a replenishment date becuase it was back ordered. LUCKILY they had it in stock online, so once we got home I got on the phone with IKEA and ordered the bed for my little prince. SOOOOO anyways this Past Tuesday the 60 pound package was finally delivered to our house. We decided to not set it up until Saturday being that I will be off work Saturday-Wednesday !

Saturday afternoon 3/14 Renaldo and his sister set up the bed like pros (IKEA projects aren’t always the easiest) all while RJ was sound asleep in our bedroom for his nap.

Once they finished, we cleaned up his room and woke him up to see his new bed ! He was kind of lethargic being that he just woke up and didn’t get excited about it until 2 hours later hahaha

Not feeling his bed too much ⬆️

Putting him to sleep, he got out of bed twice and opened his door (which we completely expected with his new freedom) but after that he never got out of bed nor fell out haha

In the middle of the night our house got cold, so I put his comforter back on him. Also did you notice the white thing on the floor and at the top of his bed ? Those are the two extra pieces of his mattress (his bed coverts from a toddler bed to a mid twin/toddler bed then to a full size twin) we placed one on the floor incase he falls out of bed and one at the top so he won’t hit his head while sleeping like a monkey.

It took RJ’s empty crib for it to really settle in that he’s growing up. My baby is potty trained, eating normal food(he’s extremely picky) and now out of his crib. Next thing you know his baby brother will be here not only occupying the vacant crib but occupying our hearts. Crazy to think 6 months ago I was saying “I do” to my high school sweetheart, 5 months ago we were celebrating RJ’s 2nd year of life and also finding out the amazing news that there is a little human forming inside of me. -my hormonal emotion rant for the day ?

But to conclude this blog post, RJ slept good in his new bed. Only tried to leave twice and slept through the entire night (9pm-8am). At 8am he opened his door and said “mommy peepee” I took him to the bathroom and his diaper was completly dry and he peed and 5 minutes later he told Renaldo “dada poo poo” and sure enough he went poo ! I am so proud of my son, he’s growing so fast !!!

Have a happy Sunday everyone.




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