Potty Training Days 1-3

Where to begin with this blog post, Where to begin with Potty Training…Where do I begin ?

That was the question I asked myself over and over while attempting to begin to potty train RJ. The answer is simple…when he/she is ready, Whether it is when he is 1 or when she is  4. A friend from work, who just recently potty trained her 2 year old told me “Potty training shouldn’t be hard, When he’s ready…he will let you know” After she told me that, I decided to take a step back and let RJ decide when he wants to go.

Monday March 9th, while RJ was taking a bath and I was doing my hair (in the same bathroom) for work…I farted (We all do it !!! So dont judge) and when I farted RJ said “UH-OH” and made himself fart…and while he was pushing to make himself fart, he peed himself. Sooo I thought hmmmmm what if I were to tell him to go UH-OH while on the potty would that make him go pee pee ??

The next day Tuesday March 10th I put him on the big potty and I said “Go UH-OH” and sure enough he pushed himself to fart and made himself pee at the same time ! and after he peed it’s like a lightbulb went off in his head. A few hours later of not wearing a diaper, I put him back on the potty and he peed again !!!! So like any proud and excited mommy, I got him dressed but with NO DIAPER just pants and a t-shirt and decided to test him a bit and take him to Target to buy some big boy undies. Before we got in the car, I put him on the toilet again and he peed A LOT, packed a change of clothes, and  I put a trash bag on his car seat incase he had an accident. We made it to target accident free, walked around target for 15-20 minutes…still accident free, I asked him before we left “Do you need to go potty ?” RJ replied “no Pee Pee” So we made it home accident free. Total time is 1 hour out of the house with NOOO accidents ! Once we made it home, I asked him again “RJ do you have to go Pee pee” he replied “No pee pee” later that night, we had to leave to pick my hubby up from work. so before we left I put him on the potty and he didnt pee, so I was really nervous about putting him in the car for a 30 minute drive to my husband’s job…but in no way was I going to give in and put a diaper on him, afterall he was doing sooo good ! We made it to my Husband’s job accident free, and once my hubby made it to the car RJ was squirming around so my husband took him inside his office to pee, and we went Pee Pee !!! That night we went to Bahama Breeze for Dinner and for the entire hour and a half he was accident free !!! Once we made it home we put him on the potty again and he went pee ! Before we put him to bed we put a diaper on him because some mornings he wakes up dry and other mornings he wakes up wet.

IMG_2773Trash bag on car seat !

IMG_2774At target, still accident free.

IMG_2779Bahama Breeze, still accident free.

Next day Wednesday March 11th he woke up COMPLETLY dry !!! I put him on the potty right after I took him out of his crib but he didnt pee. That morning we continued our normal morning routine just minus the diaper. He was only wearing his boxers and Night shirt. He had an accident on the floor, but quickly recognized it and told me “RJ pee pee on floor” and he was teary eyed when he told me.  Before I put him down for his nap we were upstairs playing in his room, and he stood in front of me and said “I pee pee” and literally peed all over me. I’m not going to lie, I had to tell myself to calm down because I HAD PEE ALL OVER MYSELF, and I couldnt understand why he was doing so good one day and then the next it’s like he forgot, so I calmly placed him on the potty and told him “RJ you need to pee pee on the potty, I’m not happy because you pee peed all over me”. I put a diaper on him and put him down for his nap. After he woke up from his nap, it’s like he all of a sudden rememered how to pee on the potty again lol. He told me he had to go potty and sure enough did. Later that afternoon around 5ish he ran to his little potty and said “POO POOO” (quick recap, he hasnt pooped in a whole day, and i’m guessing it’s because he didnt have a diaper on) and he pushed out three BIG poops. Of course proud mommy I am took a picture of it and sent it to daddy and grandma ! I couldnt beleive it, my little baby is really getting the hang of using the potty. Once my mom came over to babysit while I’m at work and hubby is on his way home from work she said he didnt pee but he went pee with my husband twice before bed on the potty ! so since the time he woke up from his nap he was accident free !!! GOOO RJ

IMG_2781When I got peed on.

IMG_2783IMG_2787RJ going POO POO !!!

Day three Thursday March 12th, I came home from work around 7:30 in the morning and RJ was still sleeping. When we went to wake him up his diaper was wet but we took it off instantly and put him on the potty. He told me and my husband “No pee pee” and I told my husband “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not put a diaper on him” and he reassured me that he wouldn’t. After that I went to sleep, but my husband said before he left for work RJ went potty twice and alot of it too and then put a diaper on for naptime. When RJ woke up from his nap, I had to get out of bed…as tired as I was so motivated to put him on the potty. When I put him on the potty he told me again “No pee pee” so we went downstairs and we cuddled on the couch and watched sesame street and within 10 minutes he got up and ran to his little potty and Peed soooo much !

IMG_2802IMG_2800Pee Pee on the little potty !

Later on that day before his bath I put him on the big potty and he peed ! My mom came to pick RJ up to bring to her house to babysit while I work and my hubby is on his way home, I put a puppy pad on his carseat in case of an accident and she told me he didn’t have any accidents at her house. He pooped and peed on the big toilet at her house. Once my husband came and picked him up, he made it home again accident free but didnt want to go potty before bed. I’m thinking he really didnt have to pee because he peed twice at my moms house, both after he drank his sippy cup filled with milk.

We are so excited that it’s coming so easy for him. I’m so glad I never gave into pressure of other people’s kids going on the potty before him, or people saying “you dont want two kids in diapers”, or “He’s still not potty trained”, When a child is ready to go potty…he will go potty. I am perfectly okay with mistakes and accidents because they will happen…just hopefully not on me again haha. but I will check back in with RJ’s potty training in another week and let you all know how my big boy is doing.


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