Weaning my 2 year old from the bottle

Mom Confession:

My 2 year old was still drinking milk from a bottle up until his 2nd birthday.

2nd mom confession:

I didn’t care what anyone thought!

We were still giving him milk from a bottle because up until he was 15 months, I breastfed him exclusively.When we weaned him onto a bottle, it was a struggle to get him to drink cow milk. So once he started drinking milk from it consistently, we didn’t want to ruin anything. Elias was and still is, a very picky eater, so he needed all the extra calories he could get from milk, and he ONLY wanted milk from his bottle.

How we weaned our 2 year old from the bottle:

His Doctor gave us the Okay to lower the amounts of milk he consumes in a day. He was drinking about 3-8oz bottles of whole milk in a day. So we lowered the amount of milk to 2 cups (16 oz) in a whole day. So instead of a bottle (8oz) when he wakes up, a bottle (8 oz) before his mid-day nap, and a bottle (8 oz) before bed, we started giving him milk (8 oz) at lunch time-not before bed, and another 8 oz at dinner time- again, NOT before bed.

The issue with him, he was associating milk with bedtime, and for comfort, hence why he wouldn’t give his bottle up. Once we changed the time of day he was drinking the milk, he started to associate the milk as an actual drink, not a comforter.

After we adjusted to the new milk times, we switched from a bottle, to a sippy cup with cold milk. We’ve gone through our fair share of sippy cups in the past 4 years, so we tried almost every brand. What he actually liked was, The Nuby 360 Miracle cup, and The Nuby 360 2 handle comfort cup. We actually got the 360 Comfort cup for Joel, but as soon as Elias began drinking his milk from it, it became his.

Now because of his new milk drinking time, he is not dependent on it. There were times that we’d run out of milk, and he would refuse his nap and literally scream bloody murder in his crib, until he had his bottle. Now if we run out, he goes to sleep peacefully.

Here are some pics of my big-boy Elias drinking from his sippy cup

Now Pray for me as we attempt to take his pacifier away! Please comment on some tips on weaning from a pacifier!

Edit (12/22/2017): We weaned him from the pacifier! Click here to read how we did it in under 3 days!!!!

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11 thoughts on “Weaning my 2 year old from the bottle”

  • I’m having a really hard time my son is almost 2, and we have been workinf with him for months to weaned him off the bottle. He also associates bottle with sleep. He wont go to ned unless he has milk in a bottle, HE WILL NOT drink from anywhere else. I tried sippy, open cup, the 360 cup, straw cup( uses them more for other drinks). He will drink water or use out of all of them except for milk. I took bottles away and i avoided lwtting gim fall asleep at night with the bottle. But he was still waking at night asking for milk. Its been 6 days and he doesn’t ask for bottle thought the day but at night he cries for milk and i can’t get him to stop!

  • We try to refrain from dairy so I’m not sure what’s next for our baby. We are okay it’s juice but recognize the implications of too much sugar. My baby is 9 mo old and she can hold her own bottle but has not understood how to tilt it. Same with her sippy cup. I am unsure of how to help her. I wonder if it’s a strength thing…

    • Maybe try almond milk or coconut milk? That’s what we used with my oldest because he is allergic to milk. As for the bottle/sippy cup, my 1 year old STILL doesn’t tilt the cup, but we found an AWESOME cup from Nuby, that they are able to drink from it at ANY angle! The link is actually in this post, its the NUBY 360 wonder cup!

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