What’s in my hospital bag

What exactly does a mom of three kids, almost four, pack in a hospital bag? THE ENTIRE WORLD because I’m so not a minimalist and I like to look cute. I just think about “what if I need this” or “what if I forget this?” So needless to say, I pack all the things.

But by all the things, I don’t literally pack it all, but I pack everything I know for a fact I’ve used with the other kids, or things I wish I packed the 1st,2nd or 3rd time around. So enough blabbering, here is my list of things to pack for the hospital, and when you should do it!


When you should do it:

I like to be prepared, so I usually start packing around week 35. That way I’m not doing it last minute and it gives me time to figure out what I have and what I need still. With my first, I delivered at 40 weeks. So my bags had been packed and waiting for me to go into labor. With my 2nd, I got admitted to the hospital at 37 weeks and not a single thing was packed. I literally had to make a list of things I needed so my husband could go home and get everything for me, I don’t suggest that! With Joel, I learned from my mistakes the first time, so I had everything ready and good to go by week 37. I ended up delivering him at 38 weeks. So just so we’re super ready because remember I’m high risk because of precipitous labor? I have everything ready now, right at 36 weeks.

What I’m packing:

For mom:

  • (1)Large enough bag to store it all. I’m using the Elizabeth Lily Jade diaper bag in Navy. I love all the pockets for storing items and how you can easily pull out the tote inside of it to easily see everything inside of it. For a chance to win your very own Lily Jade Bag in Navy CLICK HERE Or enter below!
  • Prenatal lab records (your doctor typically gives this to you at your 36 week appointment)
  • Insurance card and Photo ID
  • (2) comfy pajamas (I like tank top type night gowns because I can easily breastfeed the baby and I love button down gowns, again, easy to nurse the baby when needed. I bought THIS ONE from Target)
  • (1) No slip socks (the hospital provides some, but they’re ugly lol)
  • (3)Period underwear (the ones you wear when Aunt Flo comes to visit)
  • (2) Nursing Bra
  • (6) Nursing Pads (I use the Pretty Pushers washable ones)
  • Coveredgoods nursing cover (for when baby has to eat, and I have visitors)
  • (1) Comfy going home outfit (I’m bringing My Blanqi leggings and tank! )
  • (1) Robe (this is perfect for when you have visitors, and you don’t want your boobs hanging out as well lol)
  • (3) Hair ties
  • (1) Head band
  • (1) Labor gown (I’m using the pretty pusher’s gown! I used it with Elias and they’re my absolute favorite!)
  • Chap stick (because hospitals are dry)
  • Pillow (I’m bringing my purple pillow. It’s my absolute favorite so I couldn’t imagine sleeping somewhere else without it)
  • Cellphone charger
  • Camera charger
  • Camera
  • A few of my favorite oils and my oil diffuser
  • My beauty stuff + Toiletries
    • Flat Iron
    • Make up
    • Travel Size Body wash
    • Face Wash
    • Toothbrush + Toothpaste
    • Sanitary pads (because hospital ones suck)

My husband’s Bag:

(No Picture because he has NOTHING packed and it’s giving me anxiety)

  • Pajama pants
  • Basketball shorts (so he can look civil when he goes downstairs to the lobby for food)
  • (3) plain t-shirts (1 to wear while in labor, 1 to wear when we go back to our room, 1 for bed)
  • Going home clothes
  • Pillow (He is also bringing his purple pillow)
  • Flip Flops (so he’s not putting on/taking off his shoes to walk around in)
  • (3) Boxers (1 in case he shits himself when he sees his baby girl, and 2 more for showers)
  • Charger (since we both have an iphone, we’ll share one)
  • Snacks (For when I’m in Labor and Delivery)
  • His wallet with my extra insurance card, and money to buy food downstairs.
  • His toiletries
    • Toothbrush
    • Contact solution
    • Contact cases
    • Face wash
    • Deodorant


Laila’s Bag:

  • Going home outfit
  • (2) outfits for pictures
  • (3) bows (because A girl can’t make up her mind)
  • (1) pair of socks
  • (1) swaddle blanket
  • (1) Plush blanket
  • (5) Cute diapers (for pictures. I use the ones the hospital provides so I’m not dipping into my own stash lol)
  • Baby wipes (our hospital does not provide baby wipes, they only give you wash cloths)
  • Sample size Dove body wash and Lotion for the first bath (I don’t use any other brand with our kids)
  • Young Living Gentle Baby Essential Oil (to diffuse) + Lavender Linen Spray (to spray all over her things)
  • Any keepsake items

Extra Items:

  • Cooler (for my placenta, we’re encapsulating it)
  • Car Seat and Base (you can’t leave the hospital without it)
  • Big Brother gifts (that I still haven’t decided when we’ll give it to them, but it will be in our car regardless)
  • Nurses/Staff gifts (haven’t put that together yet, but this weekend I’ll start brainstorming and hopefully I can put something together by Sunday!)


So for now, those are the only items I can think of, and If I feel like we should’ve brought something else…I will be sure to edit this post afterwards. Thank you for reading! And whether you’re pregnant or not, be sure to enter my Lily Jade Giveaway!! I honestly and truly love this diaper bag!

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